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2010-04-09 Holger Machtbump to version 0.2.3 master killswitch-applet-0.2.3
2010-04-09 Holger MachtAdd config file ~/.killswitch.cfg to store the killswit...
2010-04-09 Holger Machtupdate copyright
2010-04-09 Holger Machtbump to version 0.2.2 killswitch-applet-0.2.2
2010-04-09 Holger MachtAdd tool tip with list of active kill switches (disable...
2010-04-09 Holger MachtUse vector graphic for icon in about dialog and panel
2010-04-09 Holger MachtAdd about dialog
2010-03-30 Holger Macht- bump to version 0.2.1
2010-03-30 Holger Machtbail out if there are no killswitches in the system killswitch-applet-0.2.1
2010-03-29 Holger Machtupdate ChangeLog
2010-03-29 Holger MachtAutostart in GNOME and XFCE
2009-09-25 Holger Machtadd python-killswitch to required packages
2009-04-29 Holger Machtdisable the menu entry when hardware killswitch is on
2009-04-25 Holger Machtadd killswitch types to menu labels
2009-04-25 Holger Machtupdate readme
2009-04-25 Holger Machtadd ChangeLog
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