last changeSun, 16 Oct 2011 09:16:42 +0000 (20:16 +1100)
2011-10-16 Tim AllenBump to version 5. master v5
2011-10-15 Tim AllenHandle partial rollbacks more cleverly.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenGive OpBuffer a reference to the target file.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenA way to calculate aggregate operation efficiency.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenImplement op.efficiency() in terms of op.encoded_size()
2011-10-15 Tim AllenAdd a .efficiency() method to operation objects.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenTeach OpBuffer to track targetWriteOffset.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenSeparate basic OpBuffer appending from rollback handling.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenMake OpBuffer cache copy offsets.
2011-10-15 Tim AllenRemove unused import
2011-09-28 Tim AllenIgnore inefficient candidate copy operations. v4
2011-09-20 Tim AllenMake bps.diff use OpBuffer.copy_offsets()
2011-09-20 Tim AllenAdd OpBuffer.copy_offsets()
2011-09-20 Tim AllenSample every byte of the source and target.
2011-09-08 Tim AllenBuffer patch operations before emitting them.
2011-09-08 Tim AllenKeep track of bestOp's forespan too.
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