2014-01-27 Philippe LevanMake this 1.2. master 1.2
2011-06-16 Philippe LevanMysqlConnection definition doesn't need parentheses... dev
2011-04-30 Philippe LevanAuto-(re)connect wrapper for MySQL.
2011-04-30 Philippe LevanName option attribute after the command-line name.
2011-04-30 Philippe LevanMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2010-10-13 Daniel HahlerAdd --no-daemon option. 1
2010-09-12 Philippe LevanSuccessful courier auth may return UID or USERNAME.
2010-08-24 Philippe LevanPass Popen() arguments as an array so we don't have...
2010-08-24 Philippe LevanUse subprocess module instead of popen2 (deprecated).
2010-08-24 Philippe LevanSpecific regex flags at compile time.
2010-06-18 Philippe LevanLog/debug Courier interaction.
2010-04-19 Philippe LevanAdd courier auth/lookup and lmtpd storage/consumer.
2010-03-19 Philippe LevanUpdate documentation for Exim and MySQL.
2010-03-19 Philippe LevanRename formatter to consumer.
2010-03-17 Philippe LevanBuild substitutions from a list of recognized names.
2010-03-14 Philippe LevanFix mysql storage + more logging.
2010-03-14 Philippe Levan1st stab at storing Exim SIEVE scripts in MySQL.
2010-03-13 Philippe LevanExpose script storage format as a separate plugin function.
2010-03-07 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into dev
2010-03-07 Philippe LevanMake this 1.1. 1.1
2010-03-06 Philippe LevanAdd David Ramsden <> to THANKS file.
2010-03-06 Philippe LevanDocument use of multiple authentication sockets in...
2009-12-14 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-12-14 Philippe LevanBasic unittest/debugging for plugins.
2009-12-13 Philippe LevanMissing copyright blurb.
2009-12-13 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-12-13 Philippe LevanMissing copyright blurbs.
2009-12-12 Philippe LevanSupport sieve userdb extra variable for script location.
2009-12-12 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-12-12 Philippe LevanUpdate doevecot-sieve information.
2009-12-10 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-12-10 Philippe LevanUpdate to GPL v3.
2009-12-10 Philippe LevanIndicate DEV version.
2009-12-10 Philippe LevanBump version number to 1.1-RC1 1.1-RC1
2009-12-10 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into dev
2009-12-10 Philippe LevanAdd TROUBLESHOOTING document.
2009-12-07 Philippe LevanAdd LDAP auth and userdb.
2009-12-06 Philippe LevanAdd authentication against shadow database.
2009-12-06 Philippe LevanUpdate documentation and .ini comments.
2009-05-07 Philippe LevanFailsafe when Dovecot doesn't return uid or gid.
2009-03-10 Philippe LevanUse PysievedPlugin class name.
2009-03-09 Neale PickettMerge branch 'philippe-exim' of
2009-03-09 Neale PickettAdd defaultdomain to virtual method.
2008-10-29 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'philippe' into philippe-exim
2008-10-29 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into philippe-20081028
2008-10-29 Philippe LevanStop with the first user=...
2008-10-29 Neale PickettMore robust virtual plugin
2008-07-25 Neale PickettBump version string, whoops!
2008-06-15 Philippe LevanDon't forget to return the checker's error message.
2008-06-15 Philippe LevanCorrect capability list for Exim plugin.
2008-06-15 Philippe LevanFix htpasswd plugin.
2008-06-10 Neale PickettFix link in README.
2008-05-13 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into philippe-exim
2008-05-13 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'master' into philippe
2008-05-11 Neale PickettMention IRC channel 1.0
2008-05-11 Neale PickettVersion 1.0!
2008-03-24 Neale Pickett1.0-RC3 1.0-RC3
2008-03-24 Neale bugfix
2008-03-24 Neale Pickett1.0-RC2 1.0-RC2
2008-03-24 Neale PickettMerge commit 'philippe/master' into philippe-activefile
2008-03-24 Neale PickettRemoved unused unit test :(
2008-03-24 Neale PickettChange some URLs in README
2008-03-10 Philippe LevanFirst stab at Exim plugin.
2008-03-09 Philippe LevanAdd support for passphrase-protected key files.
2008-03-09 Philippe LevanNon-synchronizing literals {...+} are not used server...
2008-03-08 Philippe LevanMove key- and certificate-reading from managesieve...
2008-03-08 Philippe LevanDocument new TLS options in pysieved.ini.
2008-03-08 Philippe LevanComplete work on TLS support.
2008-03-08 Philippe LevanExplicitly define unimplemented methods.
2008-03-08 Philippe Levan-1 as default Dovecot uid/gid so config.getint() won...
2008-03-08 Philippe Levan'' as default base so config.get() won't complain if...
2008-03-05 Philippe LevanAdd base configuration variable to [main] section in...
2008-03-04 Philippe LevanDocument homeformat in sample pysieved.ini.
2008-03-03 Philippe LevanSupport for custom homedir format in Virtual plugin.
2008-03-03 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'philippe-activefile'
2007-10-24 Neale PickettMore README tweaking
2007-10-16 Neale PickettRemove ancient "if debug" stanza
2007-10-15 Neale PickettMore PAM debugging, warning for PyPAM 0.5.0
2007-10-15 Neale PickettTypo fix (thanks Philippe)
2007-10-05 Neale PickettFix to awful bindaddr patch
2007-10-05 Neale Pickettprojects -> repos in URLs
2007-10-05 Neale PickettPermissions changes in README.Dovecot, bindaddr fix...
2007-10-04 Neale PickettNormalize paths in README.Dovecot
2007-10-04 Neale Pickettactivefile param for Dovecot module
2007-10-04 Neale Pickettbindaddr, new log message, updated README
2007-09-26 Neale PickettVersion to 0.91 0.91 1.0-RC1
2007-09-26 Neale PickettTwo bugfixes (capabilities and base64)
2007-09-12 Neale PickettAdd "regex" capability announcement
2007-09-05 Neale PickettOops, forgot to check in from the top directory
2007-09-05 Neale PickettAdded Philippe's SASL work (finally), and a bufgix...
2007-08-07 Neale Pickettlittle dovecot plugin fix (thanks Christian Roessner)
2007-07-28 Neale PickettMinor bugfixes
2007-07-23 Neale PickettRemove vestigial mysql authentication module
2007-07-23 Neale PickettBetter logging (finally!), fix my application of Philip...
2007-07-23 Neale PickettAdd Philippe's README, modified THANKS and pysieved...
2007-07-23 Neale PickettAdded patch from Jonathan Stewart, and major dovecot...
2007-07-23 Neale PickettMerge some offline changes
2007-07-23 Neale PickettUpdate readme
2007-05-09 Neale PickettMove to new plugin architecture
2007-04-19 Neale PickettVirtual now has hostdirs (atchar was dumb). Fixed...