2008-03-24 Neale Pickett1.0-RC3 1.0-RC3
2008-03-24 Neale bugfix
2008-03-24 Neale Pickett1.0-RC2 1.0-RC2
2008-03-24 Neale PickettMerge commit 'philippe/master' into philippe-activefile
2008-03-24 Neale PickettRemoved unused unit test :(
2008-03-24 Neale PickettChange some URLs in README
2008-03-03 Philippe LevanMerge branch 'philippe-activefile'
2007-10-24 Neale PickettMore README tweaking
2007-10-16 Neale PickettRemove ancient "if debug" stanza
2007-10-15 Neale PickettMore PAM debugging, warning for PyPAM 0.5.0
2007-10-15 Neale PickettTypo fix (thanks Philippe)
2007-10-05 Neale PickettFix to awful bindaddr patch
2007-10-05 Neale Pickettprojects -> repos in URLs
2007-10-05 Neale PickettPermissions changes in README.Dovecot, bindaddr fix...
2007-10-04 Neale PickettNormalize paths in README.Dovecot
2007-10-04 Neale Pickettactivefile param for Dovecot module
2007-10-04 Neale Pickettbindaddr, new log message, updated README
2007-09-26 Neale PickettVersion to 0.91 0.91 1.0-RC1
2007-09-26 Neale PickettTwo bugfixes (capabilities and base64)
2007-09-12 Neale PickettAdd "regex" capability announcement
2007-09-05 Neale PickettOops, forgot to check in from the top directory
2007-09-05 Neale PickettAdded Philippe's SASL work (finally), and a bufgix...
2007-08-07 Neale Pickettlittle dovecot plugin fix (thanks Christian Roessner)
2007-07-28 Neale PickettMinor bugfixes
2007-07-23 Neale PickettRemove vestigial mysql authentication module
2007-07-23 Neale PickettBetter logging (finally!), fix my application of Philip...
2007-07-23 Neale PickettAdd Philippe's README, modified THANKS and pysieved...
2007-07-23 Neale PickettAdded patch from Jonathan Stewart, and major dovecot...
2007-07-23 Neale PickettMerge some offline changes
2007-07-23 Neale PickettUpdate readme
2007-05-09 Neale PickettMove to new plugin architecture
2007-04-19 Neale PickettVirtual now has hostdirs (atchar was dumb). Fixed...
2007-04-19 Neale PickettChange version number to reflect HEAD status
2007-04-19 Neale PickettMerge ... /home/neale/public_html/projects/pysieved.git
2007-04-19 Neale Pickettxinetd config file, htpasswd module, more options to...
2007-04-19 Neale PickettVersion to 0.9 0.9
2007-04-17 Neale PickettImport from darcs