last changeFri, 11 Feb 2011 14:42:28 +0000 (22:42 +0800)
2011-02-11 linjunhalidanow user can install it.. only in linux master
2011-02-11 linjunhalidachange example path
2011-02-11 linjunhalidadon't know why include addLayoutOwnership, so I add...
2011-02-10 linjunhalidanow xml ok
2011-02-09 linjunhalidamerge
2011-02-09 linjunhalidanow qwtplotcurve.drawFromTo works
2011-01-07 jun linediting bode, make scalediv works, but need hand edit...
2011-01-05 jun linmodify example bode
2011-01-04 linjunhalidaafter get response from pyqwt author, I import those...
2011-01-04 jun linimported almost all the classes, and build ok
2010-12-31 jun linadd some class
2010-12-31 jun linadd QwtLinearColorMap
2010-12-31 jun linsetData for numpy ok, not import gpl code of pyqwt
2010-12-30 linjunhalidaadd curve filter
2010-12-30 linjunhalidaprepare for testing examples: because pyqwt is gpl...
2010-12-30 jun linadd qwtsymbol
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