2012-01-03 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.2 0.3.2
2012-01-03 Sam LadeFix datetime imports in built version
2012-01-03 Sam LadeFix display oddities on welcome message
2012-01-03 Sam LadeCase-insensitive matching for usernames detection
2012-01-03 Sam LadeLog format tweak
2012-01-03 Sam LadeAdd option to display timestamps in local time
2012-01-03 Sam LadeFix exception closing tab before logger created
2012-01-03 Sam LadeAdd logging functionality
2012-01-03 Sam LadeImprove settings dialogue some more
2012-01-02 Sam LadeFix inline purge code
2012-01-02 Sam LadeUse QApplication.instance() rather than clumsy walks...
2012-01-02 Sam LadeRefactor
2012-01-02 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.1 0.3.1
2012-01-02 Sam LadeAllow inlining purged data
2012-01-01 Sam LadeCommented out code--
2011-12-31 Sam LadeFix msg target left user logic
2011-12-31 Sam LadeFix height of input box
2011-12-31 Sam LadeFix except statements for GeoIP
2011-12-31 Sam LadeAdd link to region code -> name map for geoIP to docs
2011-12-31 Sam LadeFix and improve l10n support for userlist away detect
2011-12-31 Sam LadeCopy link location to selection clipboard if available
2011-12-31 Sam LadeFix pasting multiline data into input box
2011-12-31 Sam LadeFix file copy logic when dest doesn't exist
2011-12-31 Sam LadeDocs formatting fail--
2011-12-31 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.0 0.3.0
2011-12-31 Sam LadeImprove regexes for highlights
2011-12-31 Sam Ladedocs for geoip
2011-12-31 Sam LadeAdd geoIP tooltips on userlist IPs
2011-12-31 Sam LadeMake data file copying algorithm more intelligent
2011-12-31 Sam Ladepygeoip support only
2011-12-31 Sam LadeImport, data copy and settings for geoIP
2011-12-31 Sam LadeTidy settings dialogue
2011-12-30 Sam LadeDocs for enchant
2011-12-30 Sam LadeAdd spelling suggestions and replacement
2011-12-30 Sam LadeHighlight misspelled words
2011-12-30 Sam LadeSettings for spellcheck
2011-12-30 Sam LadeMake input box a QPlainTextEdit
2011-12-30 Sam LadeFix WebTab ctrl+c on Windows
2011-12-30 Sam LadeDon't detach tabs if there's <2 tabs
2011-12-30 Sam LadeUse correct URL for right click -> copy link location
2011-12-30 Sam LadeAdd highlighting on /msg event
2011-12-30 Sam LadeAlerts obey new config settings.
2011-12-30 Sam LadeMake away input box colour optional
2011-12-30 Sam LadeColour input box when /away
2011-12-30 Sam LadeFix handling of room list request error
2011-12-30 Sam LadeTrack away state
2011-12-30 Sam LadeUse a regex for word highlight detection
2011-12-30 Sam LadeFix line loss issue on Windows.
2011-12-29 Sam LadeWebTabs: implement refresh
2011-12-29 Sam LadeFix empty message send if target selected
2011-12-29 Sam LadeSave new settings dialog options
2011-12-29 Sam LadeSettings dialog: add widgets for new features
2011-12-29 Sam LadeStrip passwords from raw HTML
2011-12-29 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.6 0.2.6
2011-12-29 Sam LadeRemove static webpage, add fields for Django page instead
2011-12-29 Sam LadeInclude exceptions in the debug log
2011-12-29 Sam LadeParse chatstream data line-by-line
2011-12-29 Sam LadeAlter chatstream open to always cut off <head>
2011-12-29 Sam LadeRework chatstream refresh parsing
2011-12-29 Sam LadeClear incomplete line buffer on new chatstream
2011-12-29 Sam LadeAdd raw HTML view widget a la debug log
2011-12-29 Sam LadeHopefully improve purge handling with connectivity...
2011-12-09 Sam LadeReverse ctrl+pgup/down shortcuts
2011-12-04 Sam LadePrevious commit: also prevent exception on WebTabs
2011-12-03 Sam LadeHandle currentChanged signal parameter inconsistency
2011-12-01 Sam LadeTweak logo to avoid clipping edges of circle
2011-11-27 Sam LadeHopefully workaround for Windows chatstream death issue
2011-11-25 Sam LadeEven more chatstream debug
2011-11-24 Sam LadeFix webpage title
2011-11-24 Sam LadeUse PyRook icon for menu->about
2011-11-22 Sam LadeLots of extra chatstream debug
2011-11-22 Sam LadeTone down userlist debug
2011-11-21 Sam LadeFocus input box on room join
2011-11-21 Sam LadeAllow empty message posts to deidle
2011-11-20 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.5 0.2.5
2011-11-20 Sam LadeUse Windows-1252, not ISO-8859-1
2011-11-20 Sam LadeDon't format strings of unknown encoding into ASCII...
2011-11-20 Sam LadeLogo: tweak positioning
2011-11-19 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.4 0.2.4
2011-11-19 Sam LadeFix external links from WebTabs
2011-11-18 Sam LadeLogo changes
2011-11-18 Sam LadeDon't use PNG logos if SVG is available
2011-11-18 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.3 0.2.3
2011-11-18 Sam LadeOption to save geometry for the join dialog
2011-11-18 Sam LadeAdd convenience handlers for QSettings bools
2011-11-18 Sam LadeImprove login handling
2011-11-18 Sam LadeCommented out code--
2011-11-12 Sam LadeFix crash with command line server URL
2011-11-11 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.2 0.2.2
2011-11-11 Sam LadeFix icon on Windows
2011-11-11 Sam LadeFix command line arg parsing on Windows
2011-11-11 Sam LadeAutomatically return focus to input box
2011-11-11 Sam LadeDebug log window
2011-11-11 Sam LadeUpdate build script to package logo
2011-11-11 Sam LadeAdd logo/window icon.
2011-11-11 Sam LadeCatch links to rooms and handle correctly.
2011-11-10 Sam LadeDon't close automatically with no tabs left
2011-11-10 Sam LadeShow tab close buttons
2011-11-10 Sam LadeMake web tabs optional
2011-11-10 Sam LadeAllow userlist pane to wrap