2011-11-20 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.5 0.2.5
2011-11-20 Sam LadeUse Windows-1252, not ISO-8859-1
2011-11-20 Sam LadeDon't format strings of unknown encoding into ASCII...
2011-11-20 Sam LadeLogo: tweak positioning
2011-11-19 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.4 0.2.4
2011-11-19 Sam LadeFix external links from WebTabs
2011-11-18 Sam LadeLogo changes
2011-11-18 Sam LadeDon't use PNG logos if SVG is available
2011-11-18 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.3 0.2.3
2011-11-18 Sam LadeOption to save geometry for the join dialog
2011-11-18 Sam LadeAdd convenience handlers for QSettings bools
2011-11-18 Sam LadeImprove login handling
2011-11-18 Sam LadeCommented out code--
2011-11-12 Sam LadeFix crash with command line server URL
2011-11-11 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.2 0.2.2
2011-11-11 Sam LadeFix icon on Windows
2011-11-11 Sam LadeFix command line arg parsing on Windows
2011-11-11 Sam LadeAutomatically return focus to input box
2011-11-11 Sam LadeDebug log window
2011-11-11 Sam LadeUpdate build script to package logo
2011-11-11 Sam LadeAdd logo/window icon.
2011-11-11 Sam LadeCatch links to rooms and handle correctly.
2011-11-10 Sam LadeDon't close automatically with no tabs left
2011-11-10 Sam LadeShow tab close buttons
2011-11-10 Sam LadeMake web tabs optional
2011-11-10 Sam LadeAllow userlist pane to wrap
2011-11-10 Sam LadeFont sizes: px -> pt
2011-11-10 Sam LadeOpen internal RookChat URLs as tabs
2011-11-10 Sam LadeRemember username/password options in login box
2011-11-10 Sam LadeCommand line arguments
2011-11-10 Sam LadeFix font size config
2011-11-10 Sam Ladetypo--
2011-11-10 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.1 0.2.1
2011-11-10 Sam LadeWindow titles for settings and login dialogs
2011-11-10 Sam LadeRookChat options, memos, help etc available in menus
2011-11-10 Sam LadeOption to prevent highlights immediately after posting
2011-11-10 Sam LadeBetter detection of new messages for highlighting
2011-11-10 Sam LadeConfigurable default font size
2011-11-10 Sam LadeUpdate Windows downloads
2011-11-09 Sam LadeImprove language-independent detection of topic in...
2011-11-09 Sam LadeLanguage-independent room join parsing
2011-11-09 Sam LadeFix changelog in release notes, because I can't read...
2011-11-09 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.2.0 0.2.0
2011-11-09 Sam LadeHighlight activity on non-current tabs
2011-11-09 Sam LadeExtra shortcuts for switch tab
2011-11-09 Sam LadeCleanup
2011-11-09 Sam LadeOption to alert on mentions of specific words or on...
2011-11-09 Sam LadeAdjust timestamp handling to use HTML comment timestamps
2011-11-09 Sam LadeRemove debug line which sneaked into previous commit
2011-11-09 Sam LadeAdd option to blink window on new messages
2011-10-12 Sam LadeFix "user offline" errors after switching target from...
2011-10-08 Sam LadeFix refresh handling when times go through midnight.
2011-10-08 Sam LadeStop chatstream glow detection erroring on whitespace...
2011-10-03 Sam LadeCatch RuntimeErrors for some possible signal disconnect...
2011-10-02 Sam LadeUse setproctitle module if available
2011-10-01 Sam LadeRewrite room join dialogue
2011-10-01 Sam LadeAdd room creation buttons to new room dialog.
2011-09-24 Sam LadeAllow multiple arguments to debug
2011-09-24 Sam LadeCleanup for timestamp parsing and merge detection
2011-08-16 Sam LadeFix previous commit
2011-08-16 Sam LadeFix chatstream auto-abort. Again.
2011-08-14 Sam LadeFix chatstream auto-abort after server should have...
2011-08-06 Sam LadeAdd /rmsg to input box glow detector
2011-08-05 Sam LadeTimeout chatstream after ten minutes automatically
2011-07-27 Sam LadeIntelligently merge userlist changes into target box
2011-07-27 Sam LadeColorise input box based on typed command
2011-07-27 Sam LadeAdd refresh stream menu option
2011-07-26 Sam LadeRename File menu -> PyRook menu
2011-07-26 Sam Ladetypo--
2011-07-26 Sam LadeFix /hi5 alias
2011-07-26 Sam LadeAdd /hi5 alias for /highfive
2011-07-24 Sam LadeFix multiple connection of signals on room rejoin
2011-07-14 Sam LadeFix previous commit
2011-07-14 Sam LadeChange window title to "<server> - PyRook"
2011-07-09 Sam LadeLazy mobile interface
2011-07-09 Sam LadeBasic library/frontend split
2011-07-09 Sam LadeCatch for empty responses to login
2011-07-09 Sam LadeRemove obsolete line in login fail catcher
2011-07-04 Sam LadeInclude link to Gitorious repo
2011-07-01 Sam Lade.gitignore file
2011-06-30 Sam LadeBump version and release notes for 0.1.3 0.1.3
2011-06-30 Sam LadeRemove another backup file. Oops.
2011-06-30 Sam LadeAdd timeout for quitting on all windows closing
2011-06-30 Sam LadeAdd wrapping on room list window
2011-06-30 Sam LadeFix script tag excluding
2011-06-30 Sam LadeSane exiting
2011-06-30 Sam LadeMake userlist timer recurring again
2011-06-30 Sam LadeStrip <script>s from chatstream
2011-06-30 Sam LadeTrim <head> from chatstream before parse
2011-06-30 Sam LadeUserlist: prevent multiple requests
2011-06-30 Sam LadeFurther work on userlist crash
2011-06-30 Sam LadeParsing improvements
2011-06-30 Sam LadeInput visual glitch--
2011-06-30 Sam LadeMinor: whitespace only line cleaning
2011-06-30 Sam LadeAdd input box glow for /msg targets.
2011-06-30 Sam LadeKick handling cleanup
2011-06-30 Sam LadeWork on crash bug
2011-06-02 Sam LadeFix opening of complex external URLs
2011-05-30 Sam LadeFix URL opening on PySide 1.0.3
2011-05-22 Sam Lade/highfive command