2011-04-23 Sam LadeReally fix external URLs 0.1.1
2011-04-23 Sam Ladev0.1.1 release.
2011-04-23 Sam LadeHopefully fix chatstream merges at midday
2011-04-23 Sam LadeFix sending messages with non-ASCII characters
2011-04-23 Sam LadeWebpage
2011-04-23 Sam LadeFixes:
2011-04-23 Sam LadeFix purging
2011-04-23 Sam LadeMassive commit: 0.1.0
2011-04-22 Sam LadeMenu options, including:
2011-04-22 Sam LadePrevent new network requests from starting while exit...
2011-04-22 Sam LadeFix QMessageBox static function calls
2011-04-22 Sam LadeWorking msg target box.
2011-04-22 Sam LadeBasic theme safing - white and black background and...
2011-04-22 Sam LadeDon't scroll to bottom when new data added if not curre...
2011-04-22 Sam LadeFixes:
2011-04-22 Sam LadeCommented out code--
2011-04-22 Sam LadeEmbedded images now work properly - fetched, cached...
2011-04-21 Sam LadeCommented-out code--
2011-04-21 Sam LadeSensible default size if no existing geometry found
2011-04-21 Sam LadeLog out of rooms on quit
2011-04-21 Sam LadeURL handling
2011-04-21 Sam LadeFix insertion at cursor causing new lines to be inserte...
2011-04-21 Sam LadeWorking chat interface! Both frames displayed and messa...
2011-04-21 Sam LadeJoin rooms
2011-04-21 Sam LadeWorking room join ID detection using custom button...
2011-04-21 Sam LadeRoom joining mechanism using QSignalMapper
2011-04-21 Sam LadeGet list of available rooms.
2011-04-20 Sam Ladetypo--
2011-04-20 Sam LadeModify QTextBrowser so it doesn't follow hyperlink...
2011-04-20 Sam LadeUse QTextBrowsers not Edits to enable hyperlink support
2011-04-20 Sam LadeImplement ChatTab widget with functional layout
2011-04-20 Sam LadeNow with actual working, non-crashing debug
2011-04-20 Sam Ladetypo--
2011-04-18 Sam LadeImplement Server object which handles a single connecti...
2011-04-18 Sam LadeNew-style signal for quit
2011-04-18 Sam LadeDisplays a window, from which you may quit.
2011-04-17 Sam LadeInitial commit. Does nothing.