2015-01-31 Sam Ladefix 'new room' action from message tab master
2014-08-06 Sam LadeVersion and docs for 0.4.2 0.4.2
2014-08-06 Sam LadeDon't write blank saved details from login
2014-08-06 Sam LadeAdd saved account details to config dialogue
2014-03-09 Sam Ladefix missed version number change
2014-03-09 Sam LadeFix images with wrong extensions on Windows 0.4.1
2014-03-09 Sam Ladeversion and docs for 0.4.1
2014-03-09 Sam LadeSpellingLineEdit: fix right click menu with no enchant
2014-03-09 David LevertonImprove re-layout on image load
2013-11-17 Sam LadeTurn console off in exe build
2013-11-17 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.4.0 0.4.0
2013-11-17 Sam LadeUpdate PyInstaller build for current version
2013-11-17 Sam LadeFix opening log directory
2013-11-14 Sam LadeFix display of topics with < in in join dialogue
2013-11-14 Sam LadeFix bug when font not set in options
2013-10-27 Sam LadeUse configured fonts
2013-10-27 Sam LadeAdd font selection to settings dialogue
2013-10-26 Sam LadeChatstream: reload if keep-alives not received
2013-08-30 Sam Ladetypo--
2013-06-08 Sam LadeVersion and docs for 0.3.13 0.3.13
2013-06-08 Sam LadeFix segfault loading WebTab module
2013-02-20 Sam LadeChatTab: fix images with absolute paths
2013-01-27 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.12 0.3.12
2013-01-27 Sam LadeAdd focus input box keyboard shortcut
2013-01-15 Sam LadeFix a couple of error message dialogs
2012-12-27 Sam LadeFix outdated URL
2012-08-10 Sam LadeKeep scroll position when toggling timestamps
2012-08-10 Sam LadeFix purge duplicating messages in useful_html
2012-08-10 Sam LadeAdd F2 as shortcut for timestamp toggle
2012-08-10 Sam LadeFix timestamp toggling in some cases
2012-08-10 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.11 0.3.11
2012-08-10 Sam LadeAdd action to toggle forced timestamp display
2012-08-10 Sam LadeFix long-format timestamps
2012-08-09 Sam LadeAdd choice of log rotation frequency
2012-05-20 Sam LadeUse default system font for default WebTab font
2012-05-12 Sam LadeCatch extra error when IP location lookup fails
2012-04-28 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.10 0.3.10
2012-04-28 Sam LadeFix userlist crash with non-ASCII labels
2012-04-25 Sam LadeRevert "Partial revert of 3df59dcc3f07b5751"
2012-04-23 Sam LadePartial revert of 3df59dcc3f07b5751
2012-04-21 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.9 0.3.9
2012-04-21 Sam LadeShow notification for network errors on userlist timeout
2012-04-18 Sam LadeUse RinkChat external link scheme for topic URLs
2012-04-17 Sam LadeFix error when pressing enter with an empty input box...
2012-03-26 Sam LadeFix timestamps to local time option
2012-03-23 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.8 0.3.8
2012-03-23 Sam LadeAdd notification about network connectivity issues
2012-03-23 Sam LadeAdd sent message history to SpellingLineEdit
2012-03-23 Sam LadePrevent constant chatstream reloading after kick
2012-03-08 Sam LadeAdd option to start pdb on exceptions
2012-03-03 Sam LadeAlert on /memo as well as /msg
2012-03-02 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.7 0.3.7
2012-03-02 Sam LadeDebug writes to stderr and takes config option
2012-03-02 Sam LadeSplit QSettings convenience methods into separate file
2012-03-02 Sam LadeBehave better if login is cancelled
2012-03-02 Sam LadeAdd proxy support
2012-03-02 Sam LadeError check fontsize value read in from conf
2012-03-02 Sam LadeRendered logos rerendered with Qt 4.8
2012-03-02 Sam LadeFix images in streams on Qt 4.8
2012-03-01 Sam LadeQt 4.8 fix: Specify content-type header for form POSTs
2012-02-27 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.6 0.3.6
2012-02-27 Sam LadeFix up some userlist parse issues
2012-02-26 Sam LadePrevent CPU eating if network connection totally dies
2012-02-11 Sam LadeFix theme engine when not rewriting timestamps
2012-02-11 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.5 0.3.5
2012-02-11 Sam LadeCopy status messages to messagetabs
2012-02-11 Sam LadeFix message tabs being case sensitive for usernames
2012-02-11 Sam LadeAllow expanded versions of bot images to be shown
2012-02-11 Sam LadeFix slow shutdown in some cases
2012-02-09 Sam LadeFix loading new images in message tabs
2012-02-09 Sam LadeUse /b when sending from message tabs with bots
2012-02-09 Sam LadeTimestamp handling fixes when a font size is specified
2012-02-09 Sam LadeCleaner fix for FindFlags on older PySide
2012-02-08 Sam LadeDetect and linkify URLs in topics
2012-02-08 Sam LadeImprove spellcheck tokeniser
2012-02-08 Sam LadeFix find on older versions of PySide
2012-02-07 Sam LadeFix userlist and chatstream when people are shrunken
2012-02-07 Sam LadeMake find close button trigger cleanup functions correctly
2012-02-07 Sam LadeWrapper object for browser scroll handling
2012-02-07 Sam LadeAdd find function for chat/message streams.
2012-02-06 Sam LadePrevent logging to a room called "Loading..." in some...
2012-01-20 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.4 0.3.4
2012-01-19 Sam LadeInclude logo PNGs for Windows distribution
2012-01-19 Sam LadeUse US dictionary if local language not found
2012-01-19 Sam LadeFully functional Windows standalone exe generation
2012-01-19 Sam LadeAdd cx_freeze script
2012-01-19 Sam LadeFix exit timeout
2012-01-19 Sam LadeClean comment that appeared in wrong place in build
2012-01-18 Sam LadeRemove tab detachment feature
2012-01-13 Sam LadeFix previous commit...
2012-01-13 Sam LadeFix non-inline purge for messagetabs
2012-01-12 Sam LadeAddress msgtabs by frozenset of participants
2012-01-12 Sam Ladetypo--
2012-01-12 Sam LadeUse a set of users for msgtab not a list
2012-01-12 Sam LadeWord wrap messagetab header for very big conversations.
2012-01-12 Sam LadeBump version and docs for 0.3.3
2012-01-12 Sam LadeLayout tweak on messagetab
2012-01-12 Sam LadeFix WebTab copy shortcut on Windows
2012-01-12 Sam LadeWarn on offline users from /msg tab
2012-01-12 Sam LadeHandle commands from /msg tabs normally