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2013-01-04 Andy ZeldisEnable use of broadcast addresses master
2011-06-28 Artem Popovchoose address family in OSCClient._ensureConnect
2011-06-27 Artem BaguinskiPostpone client socket construction
2011-06-27 Artem Baguinskivim modelines
2011-06-26 Artem BaguinskiShortcut for simple message creation
2011-06-26 Artem Baguinskihandle all pending requests in a "frame"
2011-06-26 Artem Baguinskisimulated "game engine"
2011-06-25 Artem Baguinskiignore
2011-06-25 Artem Baguinskisimple examples requested by blender artists
2010-05-25 Artem BaguinskiUpdated documentation to include streaming info
2010-04-29 Uli FrankeMoved rx and tx routines into request handler class...
2010-04-29 Uli FrankeReworked receive and transmit in streaming client to...
2010-04-29 Uli FrankeWorking towards a more reliable termination of client...
2010-04-28 UliImplemented a 'send osc' member function for the tcp...
2010-04-28 Uli FrankeAdded note from the specs about streaming OSC data
2010-04-27 UliMoved the address space into the handler object in...
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