last changeMon, 21 Sep 2009 16:24:23 +0000 (20:24 +0400)
2009-09-21 Roman MindalevRemove exec rights for charset detector files master
2009-08-26 Roman MindalevAd-Hoc: Statistics can be refreshed now
2009-08-25 Leonid EvdokimovAllow users with non-latin JIDs to use transport with...
2009-08-25 Roman MindalevTypo in description for memory monitoring plugin
2009-08-24 Roman MindalevChanging version to
2009-08-24 Roman MindalevSessions limit added to prevent transport overload
2009-08-24 Roman MindalevMunin plugins updated for RSS monitoring
2009-08-16 Roman MindalevFix substring search in xmlfiles XDB
2009-08-16 Roman MindalevUse sys.exit not os.exit for abnormal process termination
2009-08-16 Fabio FornoFix memory leakage in OSCAR scheduler
2009-08-09 Roman MindalevChanging version to
2009-08-09 Roman MindalevCode style improvements in
2009-08-07 Roman MindalevUse selected by user single-byte encoding instead of...
2009-08-07 Roman MindalevStub for per-user encoding added in Ad-Hoc settings
2009-06-04 Roman MindalevStatus message change is informative message, not warning
2009-06-04 Roman MindalevSmall fixes in config example
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