last changeSat, 3 Sep 2011 16:09:03 +0000 (17:09 +0100)
2011-09-03 Devon Badmanfixed ip changes master 3
2011-09-03 Devon Badmanfixes errors in last commit
2011-09-03 Devon BadmanInitialises Nodes in the next run of mainloop() after...
2011-09-03 Devon Badmanreverted some settings to default, whoops.
2011-09-03 Devon Badmanfixed StdNode.on_close() to use self.in_flight instead...
2011-04-23 Peter DaviesUseful develoment snapshot
2011-04-05 Peter DaviesCorrect mistake from previous commit
2011-04-05 Peter DaviesShutdown connections properly
2011-04-05 Peter DaviesProper requestq managment
2011-04-04 Peter DaviesSplit the Node class in Node (mechanism) and StdNode...
2011-03-25 Peter DaviesBlock chain downloaded (well at least until the first...
2011-03-23 Peter DaviesAdd a copy of shelve with an important bugfix
2011-03-21 Peter DaviesBasic blockchain maniplulation beginnings
2011-03-17 Peter DaviesLots of changes, block chain storage fast approaching
2011-03-09 Peter DaviesTxs now stored
2011-03-05 Peter DaviesVarious improvements:
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