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2009-04-28 Larry Jrcorrected fitness
2009-04-22 Larry Jrcorrected fitness function
2009-04-22 Larry Jrchanged main AG to new refactored class
2009-04-22 Larry Jrfitness receive one list of x values and size n
2009-04-22 Larry Jrrefactore genotype to content a list of chromosomes
2009-04-22 Larry Jradded new class chromosome
2009-04-21 Larry Jradded fitness class to main ag
2009-04-21 Larry Jradded fitness function class
2009-04-21 Larry Jrcorrected mutation function
2009-04-19 Larry Jradded comments methods
2009-04-19 Larry Jradded:
2009-04-15 Larry Jradded draft main class and genotype
2009-04-15 Larry Jradded initial project files
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