updated allow insatll of puppetmaster on squeeze. This addresses the
[puppet-common:puppet.git] / files / master / puppet.conf
2011-04-13 Keith aka fugitupdated allow insatll of puppetmaster on squeeze. This...
2010-08-19 mhturn plugin and fact sync on
2010-07-14 varacMerge remote branch 'shared-modules/master'
2010-05-11 Jerome CharaouiMerge commit 'nadir/master'
2010-01-24 varacadded apache/passenger config variables
2009-07-11 mhenforce logdest for puppet client
2008-04-13 mhfixed ssl-headers for clusters
2008-04-10 mhrefixed path, reverted to default
2008-04-10 mhfixed some paths
2008-03-30 mhsome docu for master
2008-03-23 mhchanged puppetmaster config to be possible to release
2008-02-08 mhadded flush
2008-01-31 mhadded puppet module to manage configgiles, removed...