2011-04-03 Justin Karnegesfix crash with ipv6 nameserver usage on mac master gitorious/master trunk
2011-03-02 Sergey I(Re)moved Jid deprecated methods
2011-02-27 Sergey IFixed S5B in MUCs. implemented by not yet released...
2011-02-25 Sergey I1. Filter out possibly insecure xhtml-im elements.
2011-02-24 Sergey ISlightly improve bytestreams management
2011-02-23 Sergey IAdded 2 forgotten files
2011-02-23 Sergey IFixed IBB and partially S5B in MUCs
2011-01-24 Sergey IAdded Bits Of Binary (XEP-0231) support
2010-12-25 Justin Karnegesread last line in a file even if it doesn't end in...
2010-12-25 Justin Karnegespatch for 64-bit. thanks to Khnykin Evgeniy
2010-10-27 Justin Karnegesattempt to read windows hosts files from correct locations
2010-10-27 Justin Karnegesfix crash when accessing cache that contains nxdomain
2010-10-27 Justin Karnegesonly perform background cache refresh query if there...
2010-10-15 Justin Karnegesbreak out of packet processing loop if session is inval...
2010-10-12 Justin KarnegesDon't create QObjects with qApp as parent
2010-10-12 Justin KarnegesRemove post routine from Qt at manual irisNetCleanup...
2010-10-12 Justin Karnegesset stringprepcache instance to zero when singleton...
2010-10-12 Justin Karnegesfix warning
2010-07-19 Justin Karnegesfix three memory leaks (thanks to mblsha)
2010-05-08 Justin Karnegesfix uninitialized value in netnames_jdns
2010-05-08 Justin Karnegeseven though the newer resolving strategy is to keep...
2010-03-30 Justin Karnegesif separate STUN and TURN servers are used, then ignore...
2010-03-30 Justin Karnegesfix handling of IP addresses as input to AddressResolver
2010-03-24 Justin Karnegesuse channel binding?
2010-03-24 Justin Karnegesif a domain contains .local, perform both internet...
2010-03-24 Justin Karnegesslightly better handline of subrequests
2010-03-18 Justin Karnegesturnclient: don't delete transaction pool in udp mode
2010-03-06 Justin Karnegesadd addressresolver test to nettool
2010-03-06 Justin Karnegesadvancedconnector should use addressresolver instead...
2010-03-06 Justin Karnegesaddressresolver class, for doing AAAA+A lookups. updat...
2010-02-16 Justin Karnegesice: enable trickling, prefer remote srflx in the conne...
2010-02-16 Justin Karnegesice176 can now specify separate stun and turn services
2010-02-12 Justin Karnegesremove vcard version and prodid attributes. they are...
2010-02-10 Justin Karnegesdebug fixes
2010-02-10 Justin Karnegesicelocaltransport now supports configuring separate...
2010-02-06 Justin Karnegesjdns: don't cache duplicate records. don't cache more...
2010-02-06 Justin Karnegessome extra debug
2010-02-06 Justin Karnegesfix compilation when XMPP_DEBUG is used
2010-02-03 Justin Karnegessimple logging code for ice
2010-02-03 Justin Karnegesproperly handle queued channelbind requests
2010-02-03 Justin Karnegesmake it possible to error out but still deallocate...
2010-02-03 Justin Karnegesctrl-c during turn test should exit gracefully
2010-02-02 Justin Karnegesfix warning
2010-02-02 Justin Karnegesicecomponent can activate turn's channelbind
2010-02-01 Justin Karneges[PATCH] Added Client::beginImportRoster() / endImportRo...
2010-01-27 Justin Karnegesinitialize doCompress
2010-01-27 Justin Karnegesdon't offer localstun host candidates. don't apply...
2010-01-27 Justin Karnegesadd hook for specifying proxy information
2010-01-27 Justin Karnegesdon't relay to localhost. don't crash if candidates...
2010-01-27 Justin Karnegesfix bug in tcp packet processing
2010-01-27 Justin Karnegesprefix hex with 0x
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegesdon't process turn packets if turn not active
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegescorrect QObject parenting
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegesupdate ice176 to use icecomponent. still very rough.
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegessome fixes
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegesfix signal safety
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegesdon't delete pool if not owned
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegesobey useLocal properly
2010-01-26 Justin Karnegesmake sure it's okay to call stop() immediately after...
2010-01-25 Justin Karnegesadd icecomponent class. it handles all possible candid...
2010-01-24 Justin Karnegesbugfix on external socket
2010-01-15 Justin Karnegeseat incoming data when sockets aren't being used. ...
2010-01-15 Justin Karnegesmake returnSockets work properly
2010-01-15 Justin Karnegesonly reserve sockets if baseport is valid
2010-01-15 Justin Karnegesfinish udpportreserver. use it in ice176 directly...
2010-01-14 Justin Karnegesinitial code for udpportreserver class
2010-01-13 Justin Karnegeshandle needAuthParams
2010-01-13 Justin Karnegeshandle retries and socket ownership properly
2010-01-13 Justin Karnegesicetunnel: allow specifying stun server type
2010-01-13 Justin Karnegessupport ErrorMismatch retries
2010-01-13 Justin Karnegesfix uninitialized value
2010-01-13 Justin Karnegesfix compile/warnings
2010-01-12 Justin Karnegesfinish new icelocaltransport class with turn support
2010-01-12 Justin Karnegescleanup() should do more
2010-01-12 Justin Karnegesabstract base for ice transport local candidates, plus...
2010-01-11 Justin Karnegesmissing \n
2010-01-09 Justin Karnegesdon't forget to cleanup if destructed directly
2010-01-07 Justin Karnegesswitch the turn echo udp test to be turnclient-based
2010-01-07 Justin Karnegesturnclient now supports udp
2010-01-07 Justin Karnegesmake turn echo test for tcp use turnclient
2010-01-07 Justin Karnegesturnclient finished
2010-01-07 Justin Karnegessupport ErrorAuth
2010-01-07 Justin Karnegesmake sure we catch unauthorized errors properly
2010-01-06 Justin Karnegesinitial turnclient class, not yet finished
2010-01-06 Justin Karnegesmake cutestuff work properly in the new location
2010-01-06 Justin Karnegesmove cutestuff into irisnet
2010-01-06 Justin Karnegesprocess SOFTWARE attribute sent by server
2009-12-18 Justin Karnegessmall improvement to nameresolver docs
2009-12-18 Justin KarnegesAdd some QDebug operators to netnames
2009-12-18 Justin KarnegesFix warnings
2009-12-04 Justin Karneges== takes precedence over &. who knew?
2009-12-02 Justin Karnegessupport for tcp and tcp-tls modes of turn-udp
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesadd channelbind support to turn and example
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesadd support for role conflict error
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesfix CHANNEL-NUMBER handling
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesadd role conflict type
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesmajor cleanup of turn
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegessome fixes to stuntransaction
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesmore error codes
2009-12-01 Justin Karnegesdon't hard-code user/pass for turn echo test