last changeSun, 22 May 2011 08:12:43 +0000 (09:12 +0100)
2011-05-22 Lance WicksAdded progress option to publish for when publishing... master
2011-05-19 Christine Spangrename all our 'nav' subs to 'page_nav'
2011-05-19 Christine Spangversion META.yml to make lives easier for those using...
2011-04-17 Christine Spangremove trailing whitespace
2011-04-17 Rob HoelzAllow customization of PROPHET_EDITOR
2011-04-17 Rob HoelzAdd ability to use PROPHET_EDITOR env var for editor
2011-04-06 Christine Spangremove debug statement that snuck in
2011-02-27 Christine Spangmake prompt_for_login support not prompting for passwor...
2011-02-27 Christine Spangmisc style / formatting cleanup
2011-02-27 Christine Spangwe don't need to set $| anymore here
2011-02-21 Christine Spanguse consistent moose make_immutable & no Any::Moose
2011-02-21 Christine Spanguse correct format for replica username/token lookup...
2011-02-21 Christine Spangremove trailing whitespace
2011-02-21 Christine Spanguse group_set when setting foreign replica username...
2011-02-21 Christine Spangallow sort_by_prop to sort undef items either first...
2011-02-21 Christine Spanguse local on this variable
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