last changeThu, 19 May 2011 02:17:52 +0000 (22:17 -0400)
2011-05-19 Christine Spangdon't be sloppy calling HTML::TreeBuilder->parse_conten... master
2011-05-19 Christine Spang'nav' is now 'page_nav'
2011-04-17 Christine Spangadd (from old repo)
2011-04-09 Christine Spangfix RT logins with username/password in URL
2011-04-09 Christine Spangfix hiveminder logins when setting username/password...
2011-04-08 Christine Spangcorrectly set creator on hiveminder changesets
2011-04-08 Christine Spangadd comment support to hiveminder sync (adds Email...
2011-04-02 Christine Spangrequire Net::Trac 0.16
2011-03-27 Christine Spangfix GitHub pullencoder
2011-03-27 Christine Spangwhitespace cleanup in App::SD::Util
2011-03-27 Christine Spangnew util function: datetime_to_string
2011-03-27 Christine Spangsaner datetime-handling for github
2011-03-07 Christine Spangbetter handle failed logins in login_loop
2011-03-07 Christine Spangtweaks to gcode login
2011-03-07 Christine Spangbump Net::GitHub dep to 0.28
2011-03-03 Christine Spangmove improved gcode login logic back to its pushencoder
7 years ago master