2014-01-28 Shaun McCancebuildrng: Remove GNU sed check, because I don't know why
2014-01-28 Shaun McCanceabout/learn/if: Add note about no ifs on inline
2014-01-28 Shaun McCanceabout/learn: Added tutorial for conditionals
2014-01-28 Shaun McCanceif/1.0: Typo fix
2013-10-15 Shaun McCanceTypo fix, thanks to Michael Hill
2013-08-01 Shaun McCance1.1: Allow role attribute on links element
2013-07-31 Shaun McCance1.1: Initial copy of pages for Mallard 1.1
2013-07-30 Shaun McCancecache/1.0/index: Language improvement
2013-07-29 Shaun McCanceTypo fix and title change
2013-07-28 Shaun McCanceUpdated credits and copyright info
2013-07-28 Shaun McCanceCommon spec status notes and general cleanup
2013-07-27 Shaun McCancecache/1.0/ Updated copyright year
2013-07-27 Shaun McCancecache/1.0: Added spec prose and updated schema
2013-07-26 Shaun McCanceUpdate some page status info
2013-07-26 Shaun McCanceCopy download packages in buildsite script
2013-07-26 Shaun McCancemallard-rng 1.0.0 mallard-rng-1.0.0
2013-07-24 Shaun McCanceMallard 1.0 mallard-1.0
2013-07-22 Shaun McCanceabout/contact: Mailing list is fixed
2013-07-20 Shaun McCanceStyle updates to front page
2013-07-10 Shaun McCanceNo-extension links on site, plus style updates
2013-06-23 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: Style tweak to footer
2013-06-23 Shaun Don't hardcode URL prefix
2013-03-10 Shaun McCanceabout/learn: Adding some tutorial stubs
2012-11-01 Shaun McCanceui/1.0: Adding mallard-logo.png
2012-11-01 Shaun McCanceui/1.0/ui_expanded: Use non-experimental ns in examples
2012-10-31 Shaun McCanceif/1.0: Fixed typos in comments
2012-10-31 Shaun McCanceui/1.0: Starting the Mallard UI spec
2012-10-27 Shaun McCance1.0/dita: Changed comparison for DITA section
2012-10-27 Shaun McCanceif/1.0/if_choose: Fixed typo
2012-09-29 Shaun McCanceif/1.0: Fixed content model for if:choose
2012-03-16 Shaun McCanceapi/1.0: Basic stub to document the API extension
2012-03-16 Shaun McCancemallard-rng: DIST
2012-03-09 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_links: Typo fix
2012-03-06 Shaun McCancettml/1.0: Fix schema inclusion issues
2012-03-05 Shaun McCancettml/1.0: Fixed typo in schema
2012-03-05 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_links: Specify guide links are allowed to non...
2012-03-05 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_inline: s/Instructions/Expectations/
2012-03-05 Shaun McCancebuildsite: Copy some extra files
2012-03-05 Shaun McCancesvg/1.0/svg-1.0.rng: Slight change due to rnc2rng changes
2012-03-05 Shaun McCancebuildsite: Copy W3C TTML schemas
2012-03-05 Shaun McCanceif/1.0: Fix merge of schema into mallard-1.0
2012-03-05 Shaun McCancettml/1.0: Adding TTML spec
2012-03-04 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Better handling of data types and params
2012-03-04 Shaun McCancerng2rnc.awk: Various improvements
2012-03-04 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Basic support for groups without parens
2012-02-10 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: Don't justify paragraphs on mobile
2012-02-10 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: Font size adjustment
2012-02-09 Shaun McCancechecks.xsl: Added a check for the CC license declaration
2012-02-09 Shaun McCanceif/1.0: New test expression syntax, basically done
2012-02-02 Shaun McCancechecks.xsl: Adding script to check for consistency
2012-02-02 Shaun McCancebuildsite: Adding js target
2012-01-31 Shaun McCanceabout/contact: Note about broken list archives
2012-01-31 Shaun McCanceabout: Updated yelp screenshot
2012-01-31 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: Mobile style updates
2012-01-29 Shaun McCanceStyle updates and updates for yelp-xsl changes
2012-01-26 Shaun McCancernc2rng: Properly handle things with - in the name
2011-11-21 Shaun McCanceChange linktrail CSS and drop mallard-header from buildsite
2011-11-20 Shaun McCanceabout/learn/svg: Fixed validity error, non-unique id
2011-11-18 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: More style work for the bottom bar
2011-11-18 Shaun McCance1.0: Giving Jim credit for his stuff
2011-11-17 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: Updates to look, yelp-xsl changes
2011-11-16 Shaun McCance1.0: A few more minor edits, more final pages
2011-11-16 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info: Made sublist compact
2011-11-16 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_table: Added notes, all table pages final
2011-11-15 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info*: Minor corrections, all info pages final
2011-11-15 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_block_*: Minor corrections, all block pages...
2011-11-15 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_block_*: Minor fixes to list elements, all...
2011-11-15 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_inline_*: Minor fixes, all inlines final
2011-11-15 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_attr_link: Small language fixes, marked final
2011-08-27 Jim Campbellmarked code comment desc exampe and figure pages as...
2011-08-16 Jim CampbellMarked attr_link as candidate. Marked attr_version...
2011-08-08 Jim CampbellMarked as final
2011-07-28 Shaun McCancesvg/1.0: Allow Mallard block content in svg:svg
2011-07-28 Shaun McCancernc2rng: Allow combine on start
2011-07-28 Shaun McCanceabout/learn/svg: Fix id attributes on SVG
2011-07-27 Shaun McCanceConsistency changes for draft and schema-download notes
2011-07-27 Shaun McCancesvg: Stubbing out the schema for Mallard+SVG
2011-07-27 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Handle RELAX include directive
2011-05-26 Jim Campbellmarked as final.
2011-05-26 Jim Campbellmodified some intro text to
2011-05-26 Jim Campbellmarked as final. added xml:lang link to...
2011-05-26 Jim Campbelladded intro to marked as final.
2011-05-23 Shaun McCancecache/1.0: Adding basic cache file stuff
2011-05-23 Shaun McCanceAdding RNC/RNG files to git
2011-05-23 Shaun McCancebuildrng: Automatically detect specs
2011-05-23 Shaun McCancemallard-rng: Drop facet/1.0 from mallard-rng 1.0.0
2011-05-23 Shaun McCance1.0/index: Intro blurb, finalish edits
2011-05-23 Shaun McCance1.0: Fixed up some comparisons
2011-05-23 Shaun McCanceTweaks to 1.0 META page
2011-05-23 Shaun McCance1.0/dita: Finished DITA reference
2011-05-22 Shaun McCance1.0: Fixed misspellings and other typos
2011-05-21 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_attr_version: Added version attribute
2011-05-20 Shaun McCance1.0: Adding some ITS rules
2011-05-15 Shaun McCance1.0/l10n: Added translation tips, mark review
2011-05-07 Shaun McCanceAdded comment about combining schemas to facet & if RNG
2011-05-07 Shaun McCancernc2rng: *Really* basic support for comments
2011-05-06 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Support notAllowed
2011-05-06 Shaun McCanceif/1.0/if_attr_test: test attribute is optional
2011-05-04 Shaun McCanceUse site-subdirs mal:links in spec ns pages
2011-05-03 Shaun McCanceif_if: Added intro, examples, processing; mark review