2011-08-08 Jim CampbellMarked as final
2011-07-28 Shaun McCancesvg/1.0: Allow Mallard block content in svg:svg
2011-07-28 Shaun McCancernc2rng: Allow combine on start
2011-07-28 Shaun McCanceabout/learn/svg: Fix id attributes on SVG
2011-07-27 Shaun McCanceConsistency changes for draft and schema-download notes
2011-07-27 Shaun McCancesvg: Stubbing out the schema for Mallard+SVG
2011-07-27 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Handle RELAX include directive
2011-05-26 Jim Campbellmarked as final.
2011-05-26 Jim Campbellmodified some intro text to
2011-05-26 Jim Campbellmarked as final. added xml:lang link to...
2011-05-26 Jim Campbelladded intro to marked as final.
2011-05-23 Shaun McCancecache/1.0: Adding basic cache file stuff
2011-05-23 Shaun McCanceAdding RNC/RNG files to git
2011-05-23 Shaun McCancebuildrng: Automatically detect specs
2011-05-23 Shaun McCancemallard-rng: Drop facet/1.0 from mallard-rng 1.0.0
2011-05-23 Shaun McCance1.0/index: Intro blurb, finalish edits
2011-05-23 Shaun McCance1.0: Fixed up some comparisons
2011-05-23 Shaun McCanceTweaks to 1.0 META page
2011-05-23 Shaun McCance1.0/dita: Finished DITA reference
2011-05-22 Shaun McCance1.0: Fixed misspellings and other typos
2011-05-21 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_attr_version: Added version attribute
2011-05-20 Shaun McCance1.0: Adding some ITS rules
2011-05-15 Shaun McCance1.0/l10n: Added translation tips, mark review
2011-05-07 Shaun McCanceAdded comment about combining schemas to facet & if RNG
2011-05-07 Shaun McCancernc2rng: *Really* basic support for comments
2011-05-06 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Support notAllowed
2011-05-06 Shaun McCanceif/1.0/if_attr_test: test attribute is optional
2011-05-04 Shaun McCanceUse site-subdirs mal:links in spec ns pages
2011-05-03 Shaun McCanceif_if: Added intro, examples, processing; mark review
2011-05-02 Shaun McCanceif/1.0: First content for conditional processing
2011-05-02 Shaun McCanceabout/learn/index: Put groups attribute on links element
2011-05-02 Shaun McCancevalidate: Deverbosify validate output
2011-05-02 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_inline_keyseq: Let keyseq contain just text
2011-05-02 Shaun McCancemallard-rng/ Pass -v to buildrng
2011-05-02 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Support "empty"
2011-05-02 Shaun McCance1.0: Added mal_block_attr and mal_inline_attr stubs
2011-05-02 Shaun McCanceAdded files to .gitignore
2011-04-29 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_block_tree: Fixed stray >
2011-04-23 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: CSS tweaks
2011-04-23 Shaun McCanceprojectmallard.xsl: Center content on page
2011-04-23 Shaun McCanceUse the links element
2011-04-23 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_inline: Fix RNG compact syntax
2011-04-23 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_links: links@groups has to be "text" for #defau...
2011-04-23 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_table: Let td be empty
2011-03-12 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_table: Mark review, why not?
2011-03-12 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_section: Added examples and comparison
2011-03-11 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_page: Added examples, comparison
2011-03-11 Shaun McCance1.0: Marking some pages review
2011-03-11 Shaun McCance1.0/docbook: Add <topic>, note about DocBook 4 vs 5
2011-03-11 Shaun McCance1.0: Update to DocBook 5
2011-03-10 Shaun McCance1.0: Some more link fixes
2011-03-10 Shaun McCanceabout/learn: Fix links
2011-03-10 Shaun McCance1.0: Link to DITA 1.2
2011-03-10 Shaun McCance1.0: Link fixes
2011-03-10 Shaun McCance1.0/its: Set docversion
2011-03-10 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_external: Fixed typo
2011-03-10 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_link: Added notes, example, processing...
2011-03-09 Shaun McCance1.0/ Added example and comparison
2011-03-09 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_revision: Added examples, dita comp; mark...
2011-03-09 Shaun McCance1.0/principles: Finally wrote design principles, mark...
2011-03-08 Shaun McCance1.0/ Added content, mark draft
2011-03-08 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_license: Add content, mark review
2011-03-08 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_block_note: Add DITA comparison
2011-03-08 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_attr_link: Minor improvement
2011-03-08 Shaun McCance1.0/ DITA 1.2, more comparisons
2011-03-07 Shaun McCance1.0/ Adding a bunch more comparisons
2011-02-28 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_attr_link: Adding content, mark review
2011-02-23 Shaun McCance1.0: Adding license info, other metadata
2011-02-23 Shaun McCance1.0: Use common CC-BY-SA XML file
2011-02-23 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_desc: Add processing, comparison; mark...
2011-02-22 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info: Mark review
2011-02-22 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_external: Details on external namespaces, mark...
2011-02-22 Shaun McCancebuildsite: Copy mallard-logo.svg into the site
2011-02-22 Shaun McCancebuildsite: Script to build/copy everything for the...
2011-02-22 Shaun McCancefacet: More stubbing for facet extension, common CC...
2011-02-22 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_title: Changed "well-formed" to "valid"
2011-02-21 Shaun McCanceStubbing out the facet extension
2011-02-21 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_page: Allow any xsd:NMTOKEN for page/@type
2011-02-21 Shaun McCancemakemeta.xsl: Include revision date in META
2011-02-21 Shaun McCance1.0: Split out attr and content in RNG for easier extending
2011-02-21 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_page: Add version attribute to schema
2011-02-21 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_title: Typo fix
2011-02-21 Shaun McCance1.0/mal_info_link: Move schema to a schema section
2011-02-20 Shaun McCancernc2rng.awk: Support define/@combine in compact syntax
2011-02-20 Shaun McCancedownload/mallard-rng: Generate catalog file with correc...
2011-02-18 Shaun McCancedownload/mallard-rng: Build stuff in place for RNG...
2011-02-18 Shaun McCance1.0/ Adding the links element
2010-12-20 Shaun McCanceFixed typos in mal_inline_output and code tutorial
2010-12-13 Shaun McCance[about/learn/svg] Fixed typo and link to logo SVG source
2010-10-27 Shaun McCance[about/learn/] Fixed small typo
2010-09-06 Shaun McCance[linear.xsl] Use the new mal.sort.tsort in yelp-xsl
2010-09-06 Shaun McCance[about/learn/tenminutes] Quick typo fix
2010-09-06 Shaun McCance[1.0] Schema updates for the linking attributes
2010-07-21 Shaun McCance[rnc2rng.awk] Support namespaced element and attribute...
2010-07-21 Shaun McCance[makemeta.xsl] Fixing validity error in generated META...
2010-07-21 Shaun McCanceAdding a .gitignore file
2010-07-21 Shaun McCance[1.0] Removing mal_TODO stub page
2010-07-11 Shaun McCance[1.0] Added content for title and subtitle, marked...
2010-07-07 Shaun McCance[] Add tracking and descriptions...
2010-07-07 Shaun McCance[projectmallard.xsl] Adding social bookmarking through...