last changeSat, 1 Feb 2014 13:54:01 +0000 (08:54 -0500)
2014-02-01 Shaun McCancemallard-site-tool: Always pass --xinclude to xsltproc master
2014-02-01 Shaun McCancesite2html.xsl: Use for link targets
2012-01-31 Shaun McCancemallard-site-tool: Adding 'js' target
2012-01-31 Shaun McCanceUpdate l10n.xsl location
2012-01-10 Shaun McCanceDeclare exsl as an extension element prefix for CSS
2011-11-21 Shaun McCanceCreate per-locale CSS files, like yelp-build does
2011-11-21 Shaun McCancesite2html.xsl: Use correct yelp-xsl API for link trails
2011-07-25 Shaun Change in template name in yelp-xsl
2011-05-04 Shaun McCanceDon't go deeper than one level for site-subdirs links
2011-05-04 Shaun McCanceImplemented site-subdirs type for mal:links element
2011-02-15 Shaun McCanceDon't use pkg-config at runtime for XSLT files
2010-12-22 Shaun McCanceDon't use pkg-config to look up mal-cache.xsl at runtime
2010-11-09 Shaun McCanceFixed some double- and missing-slash issues
2010-07-01 Shaun McCanceAdjustments for CSS handling for yelp-xsl changes
2010-06-08 Shaun McCance[] Updates for yelp-xsl's new common...
2010-03-02 Shaun McCanceAdding,, and other build stuff
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