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2011-09-07 Francesco Fantoniremoved heavy video test files from data folder master
2011-09-07 Francesco Fantonifixed .gitignore
2011-09-07 Francesco Fantoniadded makefile to build on linux, thanks to lian
2011-09-07 Francesco Fantoniadded Xcode project, thanks to lab101
2011-09-07 Francesco Fantoniremoved a redefinition
2011-09-07 Francesco Fantonifixed data path
2011-02-26 Francesco Fantoniadded greenscreen feature to both video and camera... chroma2
2011-02-25 Francesco Fantoniadded first implementation of video greenscreen (chroma...
2011-02-25 Francesco Fantoniwhen video is in no-loop state, stops drawing video...
2011-02-23 Francesco Fantoniadded AUTHORS file
2011-02-23 Francesco Fantoniadded COPYING file with license
2011-02-23 Francesco Fantoniadded README file
2011-02-23 Francesco Fantoniadded possibility to choose loop state for videos in...
2011-01-27 Francesco Fantonifixed codeblocks file for linux32
2011-01-27 Francesco Fantonidivided quad code in quad.h and quad.cpp, is it cleaner...
2011-01-23 Francesco Fantoniadded little test img
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