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2012-10-15 Nick DalyShow all supported file types in the index.
2012-10-08 Nick DalyChanged column title from "Name" to "ID"
2012-10-05 Nick DalyUpdated documentation.
2012-10-05 Nick DalyAdded sleep times.
2012-10-05 Nick DalyAdded rst and mkdn support.
2012-09-30 Nick DalyRemembered to add "everything".
2012-09-30 Nick DalyAdded ReStructuredText and MarkDown support.
2012-09-27 Nick DalyVastly improved the Getting Started documentation.
2012-09-27 Nick DalyUpdated the email's syntax.
2012-09-21 Nick DalyFixed EMACS environment variable explanation.
2012-09-21 Nick DalyAdded TODO: RST and MDWN support.
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