2014-01-14 Craig Smallps: ignore SIGCONT
2014-01-02 Jaromir Capiksysctl: Fixing memory leaks in PreloadSystem()
2014-01-02 Jaromir Capikpgrep: Fixing memory leak in do_regcomp()
2014-01-02 Jaromir Capiklibrary: fixing uninitialized variable 'pos' in whattime.c
2013-12-27 Craig SmallSplit help lines to help translators
2013-12-27 Craig Smallsysctl --system loads default config file
2013-12-19 Jim Warnertop: do not forget the fscanf %s terminating null byte
2013-12-03 Craig SmallUpdate the library version to 3:0:0 v3.3.9
2013-12-03 Craig SmallFixed check for vmstat with stolen time
2013-12-02 Jim Warnertop: follow usual name conventions for global variable
2013-12-02 Jim Warnertop: do not lie about purported alphabetical orderings
2013-11-26 Jaromir Capikpmap: Including -p in the man page
2013-11-26 Jaromir Capikpmap: Including -c -C -n -N in the man page
2013-11-25 Jaromir Capikvmstat: support for time stolen from virtual machines
2013-11-25 Jaromir Capikvmstat: -w switch for wider output
2013-11-25 Jim WarnerNEWS: updated with the next procps-ng release of 3.3.9
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: increase the maximum number of displayable fields
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: expand the man page to include namespaces support
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: expand this program to include namespaces support
2013-11-25 Jim Warnerlibrary: normalize recently added namespaces interface
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: eliminate yet more gcc subscript resolution bloat
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: minimize the statistics overhead for numa support
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: add some flexibility to dlopen() for numa support
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: expand on column highlight quirks in man document
2013-11-25 Jim Warnertop: fix miscellaneous spelling errors in man document
2013-11-04 Jaromir Capikpidof: fixing compiller warnings
2013-11-04 Jim Warnertop: address some potential libnuma display corruption
2013-11-04 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: treate new pidof the same as other products
2013-10-16 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display slice unit for a process
2013-10-14 Jaromir Capikpidof: support for omitted %PPID and additional separators
2013-10-10 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-10 Craig SmallUpdate options to single strings
2013-10-10 Jaromir Capikpidof: minor fixes
2013-10-10 Jaromir Capikpidof: reimplemented from scratch (replacing sysvinit...
2013-10-09 Benno SchulenbergUpdate free text to help translators
2013-10-09 Craig SmallSkip some tests if kill cannot be found
2013-09-29 Jim Warnertop: swat bug impacting 'idle' mode & 'user' filtering
2013-09-20 Craig Smallsysctl --system ignores missing /etc/sysctl.conf
2013-09-17 Jim Warnertop: restore the lost final newline when in Batch mode
2013-09-17 Jim Warnermisc: correct additional errors from merge request #13
2013-09-11 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: fix the fatal 'make dist' error for nsutils
2013-09-11 Craig SmallFix integer overflow in getstat()
2013-09-11 Craig SmallFix off-by-one by pmap
2013-09-11 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of git://gitoriou...
2013-09-11 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git://gitorious...
2013-09-09 Adrian Brzezinskifree: reusing 'shared' for Shmem
2013-09-09 Jaromir Capikfree: clarification of credits for the Shmem support
2013-08-30 Jim Warnertop: swat bug affecting batch mode and width provision
2013-08-30 Jim Warnertop: correct, improve and otherwise tweak configs_read
2013-08-30 Jim Warnertop: modest efficiency change to message line handling
2013-08-30 Jim Warnertop: hint that Summary Area 'cached' is Mem (not Swap)
2013-08-25 Craig SmallIncrease watch interval.
2013-08-13 Karel Zakbuild-sys: add support for silent buils
2013-08-13 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: correct one AC_ARG_ENABLE() cleanup default
2013-08-13 Karel Zakbuild-sys: cleanup AC_ARG_ENABLE() usage
2013-08-09 Jaromir Capiktop: Fixing duplicate words in the man page
2013-08-09 Jim Warnerps: address a potential 'newline' quirk the libselinux
2013-08-08 Jim Warnertop: correct cursor positioning for all ^Z or ^C cases
2013-08-08 Jim Warnertop: tweak cursor state code to swat an obscure buglet
2013-08-08 Jim Warnertop: correct, improve or otherwise tweak some comments
2013-08-07 Jaromir Capikfree: reusing 'shared' for Shmem
2013-08-07 Jaromir Capikps: making the libselinux support configurable
2013-08-05 Colin Watsonpwdx: fails when run in a nonexistent locale
2013-07-31 Craig SmallConditional test vmstat -p
2013-07-19 Jaromir Capiksysctl, w: miscelaneous usage/man fixes
2013-07-02 Jim Warnertop: cursor repositioning includes line oriented input
2013-07-02 Jim Warnertop: refine some miscellaneous signals interrupt stuff
2013-07-01 Jim Warnertop: enable screen contents preservation at end-of-job
2013-06-26 Jim Warnerlibrary: for atexit() support, fix fileutils for EPIPE
2013-06-26 Jim Warnertop: trade two groff_mdoc macros for groff equivalents
2013-06-11 Vadim UshakovFix overflow of "running" value in getstat() 16
2013-06-10 Jim Warnertop: add the major version to dlopen of libnuma soname
2013-05-25 Craig Small3.3.8 NEWS and API v3.3.8
2013-05-25 Gilles Espinasseprocps-ng testsuite : simplify DEJAGNU workaround
2013-05-25 Gilles Espinasseprocps-ng : tests, remove which dependency
2013-05-25 Gilles Espinasseskip kill test too if running runtest
2013-05-23 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-23 Jim Warnertop: change man document license used from GFDL to GPL
2013-05-22 Cristian RodríguezFix off-by-one in pmap 15
2013-05-22 Václav Pavlínps: remove sd_ prefix from systemd output options
2013-05-22 Jim Warnertop: inoculated against a window manager like 'screen'
2013-05-18 Jim WarnerNEWS: update of some changes destined for next release
2013-05-18 Jim Warnertop: provide a build option to change memory precision
2013-05-18 Jim Warnertop: revert %CPU and %MEM precision to former defaults
2013-05-18 Jim Warnertop: eliminate troublesome apostrophes in man document
2013-05-18 Jim Warnertop: reduce function call overhead in the NUMA support
2013-05-11 Markus MayerFix btime handling reading from /proc/stat
2013-05-10 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: allow a build when is truly absent
2013-05-05 Craig SmallUpdated
2013-05-04 Jim Warnertop: introduce a plug-in approach for the NUMA support
2013-05-04 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: eliminate dependencies for the NUMA support
2013-04-25 Craig Smallintegrate systemd-login support to ps
2013-04-24 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display seat for a process 12
2013-04-24 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display systemd user unit for a...
2013-04-24 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display machine name for a process
2013-04-24 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display uid of session owner for...
2013-04-24 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display login session for a process
2013-04-24 Lukas Nykrynps: possibility to display systemd unit for a process
2013-04-23 Jim Warnerlibrary: dynamic buffer management even more efficient
2013-04-23 Jim Warnertop: snapshot /proc/stat reads to minimize distortions