ps: ignore SIGCONT
[procps:procps.git] / NEWS
2014-01-14 Craig Smallps: ignore SIGCONT
2013-12-27 Craig Smallsysctl --system loads default config file
2013-11-25 Jim WarnerNEWS: updated with the next procps-ng release of 3.3.9
2013-09-11 Craig SmallFix off-by-one by pmap
2013-09-11 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of git://gitoriou...
2013-09-11 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2' of git://gitorious...
2013-05-25 Craig Small3.3.8 NEWS and API v3.3.8
2013-05-23 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-22 Jim Warnertop: inoculated against a window manager like 'screen'
2013-05-18 Jim WarnerNEWS: update of some changes destined for next release
2013-04-14 Jim Warnertop: documentation update, enable NUMA/Node extensions
2013-03-04 Jim Warnertop: enable other filtering, add documentation support
2013-02-23 Jim WarnerNEWS: top's changes to be included in the next release
2013-01-24 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/6' of git://gitorious...
2013-01-01 Craig SmallExpose freeproc for libproc
2013-01-01 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS for procps 3.3.6
2012-12-22 Jim WarnerNEWS: updated with additional changes for next release
2012-11-27 Jim WarnerNEWS: updated with changes for the new release (3.3.6)
2012-11-06 Craig SmallUpdated news for 3.3.5
2012-10-26 Craig Smallw: do not truncate command when width is not known v3.3.4
2012-10-02 Jim Warnertop: update NEWS with additional capabilities
2012-09-27 Jaromir CapikSELinux spelling (rhbz#859900)
2012-06-11 Alfredo Estebanpkill -u uid fix
2012-06-11 Steven ChamberlainDescription: fix to build on non-Linux arches
2012-05-29 Jaromir CapikAdd -i option to w
2012-05-22 Craig SmallRemoved bogus bogus -aux message
2012-05-20 Craig SmallLast minute updates to NEWS for v3.3.3 v3.3.3
2012-04-15 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'sami/2012wk12'
2012-04-15 Jim WarnerNEWS: just playing catch-up with resolved issues
2012-03-17 Jim Warnertop: correct miscellaneous omission, typo and buglet
2012-03-15 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'sami/2012wk9'
2012-03-08 Craig Smallmentioned kB kiB change in news
2012-03-03 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS for next version
2012-01-06 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS with new items for procps-ng 3.3.2 v3.3.2
2011-12-20 Craig SmallAdded news item for top search capability
2011-12-20 Craig SmallFixed watch 8 bit so its optional
2011-12-14 Craig Smallupdated to version 3.3.2
2011-12-06 Craig SmallAdded Debian bug note for pgrep -u and testsuite v3.3.1
2011-12-02 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'csmall/testsuite'
2011-12-02 Craig Smallslabtop prints plain ASCII in once mode
2011-12-01 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-01 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'csmall/testsuite'
2011-12-01 Craig Small8 bit patch added to watch
2011-11-28 Craig SmallAdded news about 8bit char and tests
2011-11-27 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'main/master' into testsuite
2011-11-27 Craig Smallvmstat -p <part> works and updated version to 3.3.1
2011-10-26 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS file with what has changed
2011-10-01 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'sami/ng'
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolaname change: procps -> procps-ng
2009-12-10 albertnot ppc64
2009-05-03 albertupdate /dev/tty* info to May 2009 devices.txt
2008-03-24 albertnew /proc/meminfo fields
2007-05-28 albertwatch: tolerate umlauts
2007-05-28 albertsysctl: fix crash -- thanks Steinar Gunderson ...
2007-05-28 albertvmstat: use EXIT_FAILURE -- thanks Yoshio Nakamura...
2007-05-28 albertpgrep: usage error should exit with 2
2007-05-27 alberttop: normal exit code should be 0
2006-12-17 albertps: man page less ambiguous
2006-09-10 albertps man page
2006-06-25 alberttop: show CPU time stolen from a virtual machine
2006-06-24 albertsysctl: use - for stdin
2006-06-24 albertg is criteria
2006-06-21 albertpgrep cleanup
2006-06-17 albertw: stale utmp entries snuck in via uninitialized var...
2006-06-17 alberttop: CPU usage column width fixes -- thanks Tony Ernst
2006-06-17 albertprocps.spec needed a slash -- thanks Jesse Brandeburg
2006-06-17 albertpwdx: buffer overflow fixed -- thanks Ulf Harnhammar
2006-06-17 albertavoid integer overflow for usleep() arg
2006-06-17 albertfix "ps sm" bug involving 1-thread-proc optimization
2006-01-22 albertSCHED_BATCH
2006-01-22 albertterabytes
2005-12-27 albertdocument H option -- thanks Tony Ernst
2005-10-30 albertvmstat: -p handles /dev/ and does not overflow #319523...
2005-10-30 alberttop: crash on resize fixed -- thanks Michal Maruska...
2005-10-30 albertspelling fixes
2005-10-30 albertman page more detailed #334682
2005-10-30 albert/proc/stat for 1024 CPUs
2005-10-30 albertdietlibc needs termios.h for struct winsize -- thanks...
2005-09-12 albertps: fix crash related to realloc -- thanks David Houlder
2005-09-12 albertfix %CPU max on 2..9 CPU SMP -- thanks Ga*tan LEURENT
2005-06-21 alberttop can show loose tasks now
2005-06-10 albertfix race condition
2005-02-28 albertmore MIPS crud
2005-01-26 albertprep for 3.2.5 release
2005-01-10 albertshow full path when no -x or -d option (was buggy)
2005-01-10 albert2.6.10 bumped the slabinfo minor; let the old parser...
2005-01-06 albertvariable-width %CPU,PPID,PID
2005-01-05 albertfix overflow on huge NUMA boxes
2005-01-05 albertbetter error messages
2005-01-05 albertdisplay problem on 64-bit systems fixed
2005-01-05 albertcompile with glibc 2.2.17 and older
2005-01-05 albertSIGTSTP not a bug
2005-01-05 alberthelp and version message on stdout, with exit(0) ...
2005-01-05 albertsecurity labels can contain any printable ASCII
2004-11-04 albertleftovers in the 3.2.4 release
2004-10-19 albertpkill should be quiet about processes that have gone...
2004-09-20 albertanother shot at -m64 on shitty SPARC boxes
2004-09-12 albert%cpu and other changes
2004-08-27 albertnew /proc/vmstat fields
2004-08-18 albertmisc