2012-05-20 Craig SmallLast minute updates to NEWS for v3.3.3 v3.3.3
2012-05-08 Gilles EspinasseFix pmap -x test in when sizeof(KLONG) != 8
2012-05-08 Gilles EspinasseFix w tests when no user is logged in
2012-05-07 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: configure option --enable-skill did not...
2012-05-07 David Prévotdocs: pgrep.1 groff syntax fix
2012-05-07 Sami Kerolasysctl: avoid crash when -p file has unexpected input
2012-05-07 Mike Frysingersysctl: restore old -p handling
2012-05-07 Mike Frysingersysctl: fix broken .conf suffix matching
2012-05-03 Mike Frysingersysctl: use stdbool.h
2012-05-01 Sami Keroladocs: correct libprocps name in FAQ
2012-05-01 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: allow packagers to choose what is installed
2012-04-25 Jim Warnertop: ensure /proc is mounted before term is diddled
2012-04-25 Jim Warnertop: address a defect with the library PROC_PID flag
2012-04-25 Jim Warnerall: fix misspellings in docs and program comments
2012-04-25 Craig SmallRemove trailing - from w from column
2012-04-24 Michael Schwendtlibprocps: protect locale environment getting overwrite
2012-04-24 Jan Görigps: fix cpu utilization sorting
2012-04-18 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add fileutils.h to dist package
2012-04-18 Sami Keroladocs: howto build uClibc version of the procps-ng
2012-04-18 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: uClibc does not have rpmatch()
2012-04-17 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: make buildroot compilation work
2012-04-16 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: program_invocation_short_name is defined...
2012-04-16 Sami Kerolatests: do not assume sleep command path
2012-04-16 Sami Keroladocs: fix manual page warnings
2012-04-15 Jim Warnertop: document an existing provision of pid monitoring
2012-04-15 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'sami/2012wk12'
2012-04-15 Jim WarnerNEWS: just playing catch-up with resolved issues
2012-04-15 Jim Warnertop: fix a segfault when -p switch specified invalid pid
2012-04-15 Jim Warnertop: miscellaneous cosmetic non-logic changes
2012-04-15 Jim Warnertop: extend case-insensitive option to include 'Locate'
2012-04-06 Sami Kerolatests: add lib/ contents to make check
2012-04-06 Sami Kerolasysctl: simplify file close error checking
2012-03-23 Sami Kerolaall: check stdout and stderr status at exit
2012-03-23 Sami Kerolalib: add fileutils file with stream error checking...
2012-03-17 Craig Smallwatch -g exits early
2012-03-17 Jim Warnertop: correct miscellaneous omission, typo and buglet
2012-03-16 Sami Kerolaskill, snice: do not encourage building these utilities
2012-03-16 Sami Kerolaskill: remove dead code
2012-03-16 Sami Kerolawatch: refactor code, add output_header() and run_command()
2012-03-16 Sami Kerolawatch: remove arbitrary terminal size restriction
2012-03-16 Sami Kerolaslabtop, vmstat, watch: remove file descriptor constants
2012-03-15 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://gitorious...
2012-03-15 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'sami/2012wk9'
2012-03-15 Jim Warnertop: correct loss of keystrokes paste capability
2012-03-15 Jim Warnermisc: update remaining memory references to IEC standard
2012-03-15 Jim Warnertop: some isolated typos and minor code changes
2012-03-11 Kent R. SpillnerDon't check if output changed on first screen.
2012-03-11 Kent R. Spillnerwatch: exit cleanly when falling through main loop.
2012-03-08 Craig Smallmentioned kB kiB change in news
2012-03-08 Jim Warnertop: refer to memory using strict IEC standard names
2012-03-07 Jim Warnersysctl: fix argument parsing regression
2012-03-06 Jim Warnertop: fix selected miscellaneous compiler warnings
2012-03-04 Sami Kerolapmap: use only address start to range determination
2012-03-04 Sami Kerolapmap: add range arguments parsing function
2012-03-04 Sami Kerolaw: align header when from lenght is defined
2012-03-04 Sami Kerolaw: make date string abbreviations nls aware
2012-03-04 Sami Kerolaw: use utmp headers to determine host size as well
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolaw: use utmp definitions to determine array sizes
2012-03-03 Jaromir Capiklicense: update FSF addresses
2012-03-03 Craig SmallIncrease library revision number
2012-03-03 Sami Keroladocs: clarification to license headers in files
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolasysctl: print new line explicitely
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolaslabtop: return failure if /proc/slabinfo cannot be...
2012-03-03 Sami Keroladocs: add testsuite readme file
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolatest: add lib/strutils check
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolaslabtop: fix clang complier warnings
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolafree: remove redundant boundary check
2012-03-03 Gilles Espinassebuild-sys: fix typo
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolaps: fix compiler warnings
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolapmap: fix compiler format warnings
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolaw: fix compiler warnings
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolawatch: remove unused variables
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolapwdx: fix compiler warning
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolac.h: fix macro definition warning
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: require compiler running in C99 mode
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolawatch: remove unused variables
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolapgrep: fix compiler warnings
2012-03-03 Sami Kerolavmstat: fix compiler warnings
2012-03-03 Sami Keroladocs: add how to contribute to README
2012-03-03 Sami Keroladocs: ask gitorious merge request announces
2012-03-03 Sami Keroladocs: change README to describe procps-ng project
2012-03-03 Jaromir Capikdocs: typo in ps.1 manual [rpmlint]
2012-03-03 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS for next version
2012-03-03 Craig SmallMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2012-03-03 Jim Warnertop: extend rcfile conversions for '--enable-oomem'
2012-03-03 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'sami/to-craig' into sami...
2012-03-03 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'sami/2012wk7' into sami...
2012-03-03 Craig SmallFix string literals in fprintf and friends
2012-03-03 Craig Smallps abort causes problems in testsuite
2012-03-02 Craig Smallfixed uptime check regexp
2012-03-02 Jim Warnertop: honor the restrictive, crufty old top rcfile
2012-03-02 Jim Warnertop: fix a regression associated with USE_X_COLHDR
2012-03-02 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: rename the 'tools' subdirectory to 'misc'
2012-02-27 Jim Warnertop: relocate a prototype to prevent compiler warning
2012-02-27 Jim Warnertop: isolate #defines actually present in
2012-02-27 Jim Warnertop: remove residual logic for obsolete functionality
2012-02-27 Jim Warnertop: update latest CPU % distortions understanding
2012-02-27 Jim Warnertop: fix regression created when fields mgmt reorg'd
2012-02-25 Gilles EspinasseFix a remaining util-linux word in autogen
2012-02-14 Sami Kerolasysctl: deprecate parameters