2012-01-06 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS with new items for procps-ng 3.3.2 v3.3.2
2012-01-06 Sami Keroladocs: add preload paths to sysctl.conf.5
2012-01-06 Sami Keroladocs: clarify slabtop sort criteria listing
2012-01-06 Sami Kerolaslabtop: total slabs & caches header fix
2012-01-05 Sami Keroladocs: watch manual update about -e option behaviour...
2012-01-05 Sami Kerolaps: corrections to messages
2012-01-05 Sami Kerolapgrep: correction to usage output
2012-01-04 Jim Warnerwatch: correct differences option, eliminate duplicate...
2012-01-04 Sami Kerolawatch: halt screen at exit on error
2012-01-04 Sami Kerolawatch: include strutils.h
2012-01-04 Jim Warnerps: change PACKAGE_BUGREPORT to
2012-01-04 Jim Warnerps: update url for BUILD_WITH_WHINE error message
2012-01-04 Jim Warnertop: add PACKAGE and LOCALEDIR to ATEOJ_RPTSTD output
2012-01-04 Craig SmallFor free -b make the variable a long long
2012-01-03 Craig SmallCheck for 0 repeat count and tests in free
2012-01-03 Craig Smallfree -c option uses strutils
2012-01-03 Craig Smallfixed e and x options in watch
2012-01-03 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: correct all files for LOCALEDIR...
2012-01-03 Jim Warnertop: update some programmer documentation (no logic...
2012-01-03 Jim Warnerps: update man document for redesigned help provisions
2012-01-03 Jim Warnerps: generalize help text logic, add related translator...
2012-01-03 Jim Warnerps: exclude debugging only code from participation...
2012-01-03 Jim Warnerps: minor reformatting and trailing whitespace elimination
2012-01-03 Jim Warnerps: trade cumbersome GNU attributes with less wordy...
2012-01-03 Craig SmallChanged the err and warns to macros
2012-01-02 Craig SmallMade the c and nls include explicit nls
2012-01-02 Craig SmallUpdated testsuite files for new NLS output
2012-01-02 Sami Kerolatranslations: group usage texts
2012-01-02 Jim Warnerw: fix broken -o (old-style) short form option
2012-01-02 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: re-enable 'dist' build
2011-12-25 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master' into nls
2011-12-22 Craig SmallRenaming libprocfs to libprocps
2011-12-22 Craig SmallFixed pmap -x Kbytes column
2011-12-22 Craig SmallFixed slabtop -o crash
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: update README with benchmarks using NLS support
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: additions to search narrative in man documment
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: final cleanup following nls conflict resolutions
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: adapt 'locate/find next' search capability for nls
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: changed 'err' to 'errmsg', avoid conflict with...
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: streamlined creation of nls string tables
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: corrected typos and clarified 'Translation' notes
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: repositioned nls.h to avoid redefine of procps...
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: added <stdlib.h> for VALIDATE_NLS which requires...
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: idiot! sometimes nls was misspelled nsl (but not...
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: added additional xgettext strings plus translator...
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: adapted/generalized comments for Makevars --add...
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: finalized nls translation implementation
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: made prolog comments like those in procps:master
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: provided for nls table integrity validation
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: restored static to scat(), not needed in top_nls.c
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: corrected double #include missed at rebase
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: corrected missed escape seq from redesign
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: optimization for show_special function
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: tweaked some xgettext emitted comments
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: added #include of proc/readproc.h to top.h
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: redesign Uniq_nlstab/show_special (nls quirks)
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: shortened some of the longer lines, mostly nls
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: relocated nls.h from top_nls.h to top_nls.c
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: use existing unsigned vs. separate int
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: corrected several programmer comments
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: fix misapplied 'rh analysis #2: top' patch
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: finalized top nls support (or so he thought)
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: provide extensive, generalized nls support
2011-12-22 Sami Kerolatop: add gettext support
2011-12-22 Jim Warnertop: with lib xalloc changes, restored prior memory...
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolasysctl: enable pattern matching with path
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolawatch: use strtod_or_err() to validate user input
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolatload: validate scale argument
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolalib: add strtod_or_err()
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolapwdx: write errors to stderr
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaslabtop: use strutils.c to validate user input
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolavmstat: validate numeric user input and allow infinte...
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolatload: validate numeric user input
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolasysctl: exit with error message instead of usage()
2011-12-20 Sami Keroladocs: add exit values to pmap manual page
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolapgrep: exit with error message instead of usage()
2011-12-20 Sami Keroladocs: clean up ps.1 manual page
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolanls: improve translations and provide translator help...
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaother: tell what was taken from util-linux package
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolanls: add functions which take translations to be used
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: use rpmatch() to yes/no question
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolavmstats: fix coding style
2011-12-20 Sami Keroladosc: add long options to skill.1
2011-12-20 Sami Keroladocs: add long options to kill.1
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: fix compiler warnings
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: add long options to usage output
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: support usage output to stdout & stderr
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: use symbolic exit values
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: use strtosig() for -l option argument
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolalibproc-ng: add strtosig() function
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: add long options
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: warning printout for non-existing processes
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: add long options & new debugging option
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: parse kill signals separately
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: use strtol_or_err to nice argument parsing
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolalib: add strtol into utility library
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: remove run time configuration global variables
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: move usage functions near each other
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: clean up which functionality is being called
2011-12-20 Sami Kerolaskill: reindent the file