2011-12-06 Craig SmallAdded Debian bug note for pgrep -u and testsuite v3.3.1
2011-12-05 Jim Warnertop: avoid potential forest view segmentation fault
2011-12-05 Craig Smallrevert sentinel code for top
2011-12-04 Jim Warnertop: forest view contingency sentinal code added
2011-12-04 Craig Smallslabtop check has optional spaces at start of line
2011-12-03 Sami Kerolatests: clean up kill temporary file
2011-12-03 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: site.exp does not need to be in dist package
2011-12-03 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: simplify tests EXTRA_DIST configuration
2011-12-03 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: make DEJATOOL definition uncondictional
2011-12-03 Craig SmallFixing tests due to some results
2011-12-02 Craig SmallMinor test fixes for non-linux
2011-12-02 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'csmall/testsuite'
2011-12-02 Craig SmallAdded slabtop tests
2011-12-02 Craig Smallslabtop prints plain ASCII in once mode
2011-12-01 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-01 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'csmall/testsuite'
2011-12-01 Craig Small8 bit patch added to watch
2011-12-01 Craig Smallfixed small tests for pmap and ps checks
2011-11-30 Craig SmallMore testing added for procps
2011-11-29 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add symbol map file to autotools distribution
2011-11-29 Craig Smallfixed pgrep and added ps tests
2011-11-28 Craig SmallAdded news about 8bit char and tests
2011-11-28 Craig SmallWatch uses unsigned chars to be 8bit clean
2011-11-28 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'csmall/testsuite'
2011-11-28 Craig SmallAdd sysctl check and tests to extra_dist
2011-11-27 Craig SmallUse real name in NAME section for top manpage
2011-11-27 Craig SmallMerge remote-tracking branch 'main/master' into testsuite
2011-11-27 Craig Smallvmstat -p <part> works and updated version to 3.3.1
2011-11-27 Craig Smalladded uptime and vmstat tests
2011-11-27 Craig Smallrearranged testsuite
2011-11-27 Craig Smallmore free tests and pgrep tests
2011-11-24 Craig SmallAdditional tests for free command
2011-11-23 Craig Smallnew free commands
2011-11-23 Craig Smalltestsuite fixes
2011-11-23 Craig Smallreversed the frees added to pgrep
2011-11-20 Sami Kerolapgrep: core dropped nearly always
2011-11-05 Sami Kerolalibproc-ng: add pkg-config support
2011-11-05 Sami Kerolalibproc-ng: fix ld version script file support
2011-10-31 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: a minimialst approach to ncurses v3.3.0
2011-10-28 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: ensure consistent procps-ng ncurses
2011-10-26 Craig Smallncurses and configure again
2011-10-26 Craig SmallSome tweaks for top
2011-10-26 Craig Smallfixed ncurses double linking
2011-10-26 Craig Smallpmap fix by Jim
2011-10-26 Craig SmallUpdated NEWS file with what has changed
2011-10-20 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'sami/ng'
2011-10-20 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'csmall...
2011-10-20 Craig SmallAdded tar.gz to gitignore
2011-10-20 Jim Warnertop: redesign show_special strs, in line with nls
2011-10-19 Sami Keroladocs: add rh analysis #2 information to contrib
2011-10-19 Jim Warnerrh analysis #2: top
2011-10-19 Jim Warnerrh analysis #2: pmap
2011-10-19 Jim Warnerrh analysis #2: tload
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: pwdx
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: pgrep
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: vmstat
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: ps/sortformat
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: ps/display
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: ps/parser
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: proc/sig
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: proc/slab
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: proc/sysinfo
2011-10-15 Jim Warnerredhat analysis: proc/readproc
2011-10-11 Jim Warnerlibtool accommodation: kill, skill, snice
2011-10-11 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add BUGS, FAQ and to distribution
2011-10-07 Craig SmallUse 7 cpu numbers not 4 for Hertz Hack
2011-10-06 Craig SmallFix Hertz calculation for FreeBSD
2011-10-06 Craig SmallElf note AT_CLKTCK is only found on Linux
2011-10-06 jimmy jamadapt redhat FAQ for procps-ng
2011-10-06 jimmy jamadd the customary redhat FAQ
2011-10-06 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add --enable-w-from build option
2011-10-06 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add --disable-kill build option
2011-10-01 Craig SmallMerge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'sami/ng'
2011-09-29 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add ./configure --enable-oomem option
2011-09-28 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: sensible errors when requirements...
2011-09-24 Craig Smallmiscellaneous top and library cleanup
2011-09-23 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: rename libproc to libprog-ng
2011-09-23 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: check strverscmp
2011-09-23 Jim Warnerbuild-sys: use AC_HEADER_STDBOOL in
2011-09-12 Craig Smalladded ps etimes, miscellaneous top enhancements
2011-08-30 Craig Smalltop now has a forest view mode
2011-08-17 Craig Smalladded tgid support plus miscellaneous cleanup
2011-08-10 Craig Smallrefined library i/f and improved performance
2011-08-01 Craig Smallsupgid/supgrp support, improved library interface
2011-07-14 Craig SmallRevert -n flag for w
2011-07-14 Craig Smalltop hotplug memory support
2011-06-23 Jim Warnermiscellaneous top program/man document cleanup
2011-06-23 Jim Warnermiscellaneous library documentation changes
2011-06-20 Jaromír CápíkKernel 3.0 version format support
2011-06-05 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: add contrib directory
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolaname change: procps -> procps-ng
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolawatch.c: fix version printing
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolasysctl.c: crash due missing include
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolaproc/sysinfo.c: autotools caused a regression
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolaproc/version.c: use autotools version
2011-06-04 Sami Kerolabuild-sys: take autotools in use again
2011-06-02 Jan GörigAdded 'vm_swap' variable nullifying.
2011-06-02 Jan GörigFixed per-process swap information in top and related...
2011-06-01 Jim Warnerremove trailing spaces in top batch mode
2011-05-26 Jim Warneradded output width/height override support to top,...