enhanced libproc cgroup/cmdline support, exploited by top
[procps:crrodriguezs-procps.git] / pgrep.c
2007-05-28 albertpgrep: usage error should exit with 2
2006-06-24 albertg is criteria
2006-06-23 albertbetter -L support
2006-06-21 albertFreeBSD -F and -L options (but -L may be useless) with...
2006-06-21 albertcorrect description of some currently-foreign options
2006-06-21 albertpgrep cleanup
2006-06-18 albertfix more of the pgrep memory-related brokenness
2006-06-18 albertnew foreign-OS research noted
2006-06-17 albertfix "ps sm" bug involving 1-thread-proc optimization
2005-10-30 albertfputs instead of fprintf
2004-10-19 albertpkill should be quiet about processes that have gone...
2004-07-21 albertsort cmd args and document OpenBSD differences
2003-09-20 albertps thread support
2002-12-21 albertlast bits
2002-12-15 albertsatisfy GPL section 2a and LGPL section 2b name+date...
2002-12-09 albertNORETURN
2002-12-08 albertChangeLog
2002-12-03 albertpresent for Jim
2002-11-25 albertc99
2002-11-25 albertpgrep dead code
2002-11-25 albertreorder pgrep functions, c99 vmstat
2002-10-23 albertnew -o option: only the oldest that matches
2002-10-12 albertgcc 3.0 warnings
2002-10-09 albertmention -a
2002-10-03 csmalladded version stuff for kill and pgrep, tried to unders...
2002-09-30 albertifdef and cruft removal
2002-05-28 albert64-bit time for Linux 2.5.xx
2002-02-01 csmallPut most of the Debian patches in
2002-02-01 csmallprocps 010114