last changeFri, 17 Oct 2008 05:29:07 +0000 (13:29 +0800)
2008-10-17 John LeeFix the implementation of apply_matrix() and reset_matr... master
2008-10-16 John LeeFinally get begin_camera() and end_camera() right.
2008-10-15 John Lee* added camera_default, begin_camera, end_camera, ortho
2008-10-09 John LeeReorganize the code a bit.
2008-10-09 John LeeImplement box() properly.
2008-10-09 John LeeDisable update_display -> save -> glReadPixels for...
2008-10-08 John Lee* reset_matrix, print_matrix
2008-10-08 John LeeAdd a small app showpix to display the direct dump...
2008-10-07 John Lee* add apply_matrix
2008-10-07 John Lee* fix & finish save() and image()
2008-10-07 John LeeTwo more functions:
2008-10-03 John Lee* five more functions:
2008-10-01 John Leecorrect implementation of box()
2008-10-01 John Leehopefully this gets the loop/ no loop/ redraw complex...
2008-10-01 John Lee* make no_stroke and no_fill become module functions...
2008-09-26 John Lee* new functions: bezier_detail, bezier_vertex, bezier.
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