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2013-09-25 Matt WilliamsUpdate from dev.osm master
2012-09-12 Matt WilliamsMerge branch 'master' into HEAD
2012-09-12 Matt WilliamsSort results by match type.
2012-09-11 Matt WilliamsUse geometry types rather than geography
2012-09-11 Matt WilliamsFix map on house info page
2012-09-10 Matt WilliamsAdd matched houses to search results.
2012-09-10 Matt WilliamsSend nearby houses to search results (but don't display...
2012-09-09 Matt WilliamsLand registry now searches for nearby matches.
2012-09-09 Matt WilliamsOnly commit changes at the end to make it faster.
2012-09-09 Matt WilliamsMerge
2012-09-09 Matt WilliamsMerge
2012-09-09 Matt WilliamsStart with the GeoDjango niceness.
2012-09-07 Matt WilliamsTweaks to the land registry search interface.
2012-09-07 Matt WilliamsSplit out search function and add OSM search.
2012-09-05 Matt WilliamsAdd search links.
2012-09-05 Matt WilliamsDisplay results in a table.
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