[polytopiary:h4tek.git] / h4tek_main.pd
2010-03-09 Claude Heiland-Allenas used to render gds perf
2009-04-28 Claude Heiland-Allenh4tek: version used to render videos, the log file...
2009-04-18 Claude Heiland-Allenh4tek: grimey bass
2009-04-10 Claude Heiland-Allentempo sweep
2009-04-10 Claude Heiland-Allenmidi control blips formant and index
2009-04-09 Claude Heiland-Allenh4tek: blips with reverb (new dependency on iemmatrix)
2009-04-09 Claude Heiland-Allenh4tek: midi control looper
2009-04-09 Claude Heiland-Allenh4tek: fix up start scripts, and some uncommited old...
2009-03-21 Claude Heiland-Allenbitcrushed lead synth
2009-03-21 Claude Heiland-Allenminor tweaks to compressor
2009-03-16 Claude Heiland-Allenmore tweaks
2009-03-16 Claude Heiland-Allenkeyboard input into step sequencer mostly works
2009-03-16 Claude Heiland-Allensome tweaks
2009-03-16 Claude Heiland-Allenmodularized