last changeFri, 7 Oct 2011 09:21:22 +0000 (11:21 +0200)
2011-10-07 oliverrun key master
2011-10-07 olivertext formatting fixed
2011-10-07 oliverendian conversion now works with release compile
2011-10-07 oliverfield of view
2011-10-06 oliverdamn password again
2011-10-06 oliverneo2, wasd and arrow keys
2011-09-21 oliver 'ker... updated protocol to 1.8, rendering with *-planar now
2011-08-21 oliver 'ker... awesome new rendering mode, no more pointy triangles...
2011-08-21 oliver 'ker... cmake finds ogre now without prior path knowledge
2011-08-19 oliver 'ker... changed password, improved CMakeLists.txt (thx@milliams...
2011-08-18 oliver 'ker... proper wasd movement.
2011-08-18 oliver 'ker... safe entity processing with pretty class structure
2011-08-18 oliver 'ker... shaders added to MCMaterial and fixed a few network...
2011-08-17 oliver 'ker... updated to protocol version 14!
2011-08-16 oliver 'ker... minecraft working again (but still with old server)
2011-05-30 oliver 'ker... smoother generation
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