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2012-10-24 Will ThompsonRe-add RSS link to the header.
2012-05-22 Will ThompsonHide RSS <link>
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2012-05-20 Will ThompsonCut out some ogg support
2011-01-18 Bradley M. KuhnMake sure "all oggcasts" link appears on frontpage.
2010-10-06 Bradley M. KuhnThis is better in standard.
2010-10-06 Bradley M. KuhnTypo fix.
2010-10-06 Bradley M. KuhnRemoved copyright_info block from appearing more than...
2010-10-06 Bradley M. Kuhns/podcast/cast/g (almost, left in the template name...
2010-10-06 Bradley M. KuhnImproved templates
2010-10-05 Bradley M. KuhnRemoved Software Freedom Law Show References.
2010-10-05 Bradley M. KuhnFixed bad comment.
2010-10-05 Bradley M. KuhnRenamed files to be under podjango directory.