2013-07-25 Will ThompsonMerge branch 'django-1.5-compat' into deployments/scien... deployments/scienceoffiction
2013-07-25 Will ThompsonDon't force html5 output from markdown()
2013-07-25 Will Thompson{% load url from future %} for django <1.5 compat
2013-07-25 Will ThompsonMake imports in podjango.apps.cast.urls relative
2013-07-24 Will ThompsonStop using django.contrib.markup
2013-07-24 Will ThompsonImport from django.conf.urls, not django.conf.urls...
2013-07-24 Will Thompsonfrontpage: use TemplateView
2013-07-24 Will ThompsonLicense page: use TemplateView
2013-07-24 Will ThompsonUse class-based generic views
2013-07-24 Will ThompsonSeason: ensure object lists only contain published...
2013-07-24 Will ThompsonQuote the first argument to {% url "foo" %}
2013-07-24 Will J. ThompsonHide mp3 while episode is in the future
2013-06-04 Will ThompsonAdd a stub robots.txt
2013-06-04 Will ThompsonAdd glyphicons files referenced by bootstrap CSS
2013-04-15 Will ThompsonBump some copyright years
2013-04-15 Will ThompsonAuto-update © range on license page
2013-04-15 Will ThompsonMove license view into cast app
2013-04-15 Will ThompsonUpdate feed description too
2013-04-15 Will ThompsonReword the show blurb
2013-04-14 Will ThompsonLinkify episode titles in admin
2013-04-14 Will ThompsonMake the front page less heroic
2013-04-14 Will ThompsonShow published-ness in admin list
2013-04-14 Will ThompsonHide unpublished casts from lists
2013-04-14 Will ThompsonAdd Cast.published field
2013-01-20 Will Thompsonfix itunes link on episode list
2013-01-20 Will Thompsonadd iTunes links
2013-01-20 Will ThompsonThe schedule changed
2013-01-19 Will ThompsonHide episode description until it's been broadcast
2012-10-29 Will ThompsonMove subscribe button into the header
2012-10-27 Will ThompsonAdd podcast license details
2012-10-27 Will Thompsonlink to mp3s rather than listen again where possible
2012-10-27 Will ThompsonMention podcast on front page & episode index
2012-10-24 Will ThompsonRe-add RSS link to the header.
2012-10-16 Will ThompsonEncode (Unicode) paths to UTF-8 for tagpy
2012-10-16 Will ThompsonMP3Field: make duration_field optional
2012-10-16 Will ThompsonFill in duration automatically
2012-10-16 Will ThompsonGet rid of redundant mp3_length field
2012-10-16 Will ThompsonTurn mp3_path field into a FileField
2012-10-16 Will ThompsonResolve mp3 paths relative to MEDIA_URL
2012-10-15 Will J. ThompsonMerge branch 'images-in-feeds' into live
2012-10-15 Will J. ThompsonBetter WSGI file
2012-10-15 Will ThompsonInclude images in show notes
2012-10-15 Will Thompsonshow a summary of mp3 status in admin view
2012-10-15 Will ThompsonFix feeds for The Science of Fiction
2012-10-15 Will Thompsonfeeds: exclude items with no mp3
2012-10-14 Will ThompsonDon't crash when there is no season to default to
2012-10-14 Will ThompsonDefault to latest season for new casts
2012-10-14 Will ThompsonAdd a past/future filter to the admin interface
2012-10-14 Will ThompsonShow episode time on front page
2012-10-04 Will ThompsonHide empty seasons from indices
2012-10-04 Will ThompsonUse markdown filter from django.contrib
2012-10-04 Will ThompsonConvert to South
2012-10-04 Will ThompsonRemove enormous commented-out block from cast_detail
2012-09-08 Will ThompsonTurn all the live things-to-do into buttons
2012-09-08 Will ThompsonIgnore Vim droppings
2012-09-08 Will ThompsonUse a Twitter button for tweeting at the show
2012-09-08 Will ThompsonUse some beautiful Twitter follow buttons
2012-07-08 Will ThompsonHide hero unit if there is no next podcast.
2012-07-08 Will ThompsonExplain what the a[id] CSS is for
2012-07-08 Will ThompsonWrite "Last episode" before its title.
2012-05-26 Will ThompsonReplace FaiF logo with SoF logo
2012-05-22 Will ThompsonPull episode titles above images
2012-05-22 Will ThompsonHide RSS <link>
2012-05-22 Will ThompsonUpdate pub_date field documentation accordingly
2012-05-22 Will ThompsonShow now-playing episode on the front page
2012-05-21 Will ThompsonAdd import script
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonHide feeds for now
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonDon't use {% include ... with ... %}
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonDon't use django.contrib.staticfiles
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonAdd settings.py with non-sensitive settings.
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonAdd a licensing page.
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonRename 'about' template to 'show_blurb'
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonAdd missing CSS, JS and template.
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonMark up current tab using class on body and link
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonFix image source URL
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonCorrectly show the next future episode.
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonUse Markdown for summary and body
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonMove /cast to /episodes
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonUse named URLs in templates and get_absolute_url
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonGut single cast template
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonAdd episode and season_list templates...
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonCut out some ogg support
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonAdd a page for a single season.
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonRearrange views and templates for SoF
2012-05-20 Will Thompsoncast: add seasons and episode images to the model
2012-05-20 Will Thompsonserve up un-found files from static
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonHook up admin site using include().
2012-05-20 Will Thompsonfeeds: Use Django >= 1.2 API
2012-05-20 Will ThompsonAdd a stub wsgi.py for Science of Fiction
2012-05-07 Will Thompsonremove faif.us config file
2012-04-13 Bradley M.... More license corrections.
2012-04-13 Bradley M.... Corrected license.
2012-04-13 Bradley M.... Improve description.
2012-01-28 Bradley M.... Typo fixes.
2012-01-28 Bradley M.... Fixed copyright notices.
2012-01-28 Bradley M.... Changed link to Dan's halfbakedmedia to podfactory...
2012-01-28 Bradley M.... Added link to Bradley and Karen's identi.ca and blogs.
2011-09-15 Bradley M.... Corrected license information (thanks to James Turner...
2011-08-30 Bradley M.... Fixed bad HTML.
2011-08-30 Bradley M.... Fixed license in feed as well.