Hook up the ResourceMerger and ResourceWatcher for new resource notifications
[plasma-active-clones:kde-runtime.git] / solid-hardware /
2011-04-08 Sebastian TruegMerge Data management service into nepomuk/datamanagement
2011-02-10 Nicolás AlvarezMerged scratch/mart/plasma-components into subtree...
2010-12-12 André Wöbbeking-pedantic
2010-11-09 Lukáš Tinklallow to stream QList<int>, needed eg. for QList<int...
2010-08-06 Kevin OttensFix typo.
2010-07-27 Kevin OttensAdd description() to the output.
2010-07-19 Kevin OttensUse valueToKeys only for flags.
2010-05-15 Kevin OttensDon't depend on the deprecated parts of KNetwork.
2010-05-14 Alex MerryGet rid of a warning: KCmdLineArgs::init's last paramet...
2009-12-28 John Laytkrazy fixes
2009-08-13 Jarosław Staniek2x removed warning C4138: '*/' found outside of comment
2009-06-21 Pino Toscanoimprove visualization of (u)int and (u)longlong values
2009-05-11 Aaron J. Seigosmall change that's been sitting on my disk forever
2009-04-11 Albert Astals Cidconst & for foreach
2008-11-11 Laurent MontelFix iterator
2008-10-11 Albert Astals Cidconst & in foreach loops
2008-05-27 Laurent MontelUse INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS
2008-04-24 Albert Astals Cidavoid unnecessary copies by using const & in foreach
2008-03-27 Jeff MitchellUse NOGUI so output is visible on Windows.
2008-03-22 Jeff MitchellNo domains anymore
2008-03-19 Jeff MitchellFix some messages, change function names to be independent.
2008-03-18 Jeff MitchellMove solid-hardware to runtime. It's portable now.
2008-03-18 Jeff Mitchellsolid-hardware now builds and works properly...no platf...
2008-03-18 Jeff MitchellBegin the breaking up of solidshell into specialized...