Hook up the ResourceMerger and ResourceWatcher for new resource notifications
[plasma-active-clones:kde-runtime.git] / kstart / CMakeLists.txt
2011-04-08 Sebastian TruegMerge Data management service into nepomuk/datamanagement
2011-02-10 Nicolás AlvarezMerged scratch/mart/plasma-components into subtree...
2008-07-29 Andreas HartmetzSome more linking fixes for gold.
2008-05-27 Laurent MontelUse INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS
2007-07-10 Allen Winterremove kde4_automoc()
2007-07-04 Dirk Muellerremove redundant project declarations
2006-11-27 David FaurePorted from kapp to KInstance+QApplication. We need...
2006-10-23 Laurent MontelApply Alex patch (now we can use enable-final argument
2006-10-13 Laurent MontelNecessary to change KDE4_AUTOMOC macro to support
2006-09-01 Laurent MontelRemove not necessary files
2006-07-20 Laurent MontelReplace all bin by ${BIN_INSTALL_DIR}
2006-05-12 Alexander Neundorfkde4_header and kde4_footer() are gone now
2006-05-12 Alexander Neundorf-add FONTCONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR where required
2006-05-06 André Wöbbekinginstall executables with the install command instead...
2006-03-26 Alexander Neundorf-use KDE4_INCLUDES instead of KDE4_INCLUDE_DIR and...
2006-03-23 David FaureUse set(CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR ON) in the toplevel...
2006-03-22 Laurent MontelFix typo
2006-03-16 Alexander Neundorf-fixed redmond theme, am2cmake doesn't like Makefile...
2006-02-28 Laurent MontelAdd module to compile kdebase with kdelibs-cmake.