Hook up the ResourceMerger and ResourceWatcher for new resource notifications
[plasma-active-clones:kde-runtime.git] / kreadconfig /
2011-04-08 Sebastian TruegMerge Data management service into nepomuk/datamanagement
2011-02-10 Nicolás AlvarezMerged scratch/mart/plasma-components into subtree...
2010-04-30 Nicolas LécureuilForwardport of commit 1121161
2009-12-28 John Laytkrazy fixes
2008-06-22 Oswald Buddenhagensupport nested groups.
2008-05-27 Laurent MontelUse INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS
2007-10-24 Oswald BuddenhagenKConfig* API overhaul. only cosmetics, so don't panic.
2007-10-05 Andreas PakulatMerge the KConfig branch. This are the 3 main modules...
2007-07-10 Allen Winterremove kde4_automoc()
2007-07-04 Dirk Muellerremove redundant project declarations
2007-07-02 Chusslove IllichInterface modifications to KCmdLineArgs, KAboutData...
2007-07-01 Laurent MontelFix generate po file
2007-04-22 Laurent MontelRemove not necessary include
2007-02-20 David FauresetGroup -> KConfigGroup
2007-02-20 Stephan Kulowmerged kconfiggroup_port branch
2007-01-29 Matthias Kretzmerge the kinstance-redesign branch back to trunk.
2006-11-10 Laurent MontelFix
2006-11-10 Laurent MontelNot GUI application
2006-10-23 Laurent MontelApply Alex patch (now we can use enable-final argument
2006-10-13 Laurent MontelNecessary to change KDE4_AUTOMOC macro to support
2006-08-28 Laurent MontelNot necessary to link with kdeui
2006-08-06 Laurent MontelClean up
2006-07-20 Laurent MontelReplace all bin by ${BIN_INSTALL_DIR}
2006-05-25 Tim BeaulenLess warnings about deprecated functions
2006-05-12 Alexander Neundorfkde4_header and kde4_footer() are gone now
2006-05-12 Alexander Neundorf-add FONTCONFIG_INCLUDE_DIR where required
2006-05-06 André Wöbbekinginstall executables with the install command instead...
2006-05-01 Stephan Kulowremoved duplicated messages targets
2006-03-26 Alexander Neundorf-use KDE4_INCLUDES instead of KDE4_INCLUDE_DIR and...
2006-03-23 David FaureUse set(CMAKE_INCLUDE_CURRENT_DIR ON) in the toplevel...
2006-03-22 Laurent MontelNow all kdebase compile with cmake
2006-03-22 Laurent MontelFix typo
2006-03-16 Alexander Neundorf-fixed redmond theme, am2cmake doesn't like Makefile...
2006-03-02 Laurent MontelUse alias
2006-02-28 Laurent MontelAdd module to compile kdebase with kdelibs-cmake.
2006-02-22 Nicolas GoutteConvert the "messages" targets of kdebase into Messages...
2006-02-20 Nicolas Goutte"messages" targets: do not use _SOURCES variables
2006-01-03 Laurent MontelreadBoolEntry->readEntry
2005-12-06 Thiago MacieiraSVN_SILENT Correcting the encoding in KDE source code
2005-10-14 Laurent MontelCompile without qt3support
2005-09-02 Laurent MontelByeBye Q3CString
2005-07-28 Stephan Kulowsvn merge svn+ssh://coolo@svn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk...
2005-01-21 Waldo BastianAlways pick up kiosk restrictions.
2005-01-19 Daniel Molkentinmaster david says: stay closer to what it actually...
2005-01-19 Daniel Molkentinmerging (and therefore kiok functions) used to be disab...
2004-11-06 Waldo BastianHandle "path" as distinct type
2003-11-22 Laurent MontelFix mem leak (delete config before close application)
2003-11-22 Laurent MontelFix mem leak (delete config before to close application)
2003-02-21 Waldo Bastiankwriteconfig by Luis Pedro Coelho <luis_pedro@netcabo.pt>
2003-01-23 Laurent MontelUse KCmdLineLastOption
2003-01-02 Harri Portensome AM_ prefixing to make automake happy
2002-11-26 Waldo Bastian* Add support for files other than kdeglobals
2002-10-08 Simon Hausmann- oops, reverting AM_LDFLAGS back to LDFLAGS, as David...
2002-10-08 Simon Hausmann- LDFLAGS -> AM_LDFLAGS, as automake 1.7 says that...
2001-12-29 Dirk MuellerCVSSILENT: fixincludes
2001-11-26 Lukáš Tinkladding missing i18n()
2001-08-25 Simon Hausmann- no need for explicit qt_no_compat/qt_clean_namespace...
2001-06-17 Lukáš Tinkloutput the path correctly
2001-01-22 Harri Portenw/o cout from iostream.h RH really can use the latest...
2001-01-20 Simon Hausmann- no need to link against kdeui (kdecore is sufficient)
2001-01-18 Bernhard RosenkraenzerDon't apply our settings to GTK if the user didn't...