Hook up the ResourceMerger and ResourceWatcher for new resource notifications
[plasma-active-clones:kde-runtime.git] / kfile /
2011-04-08 Sebastian TruegMerge Data management service into nepomuk/datamanagement
2011-02-10 Nicolás AlvarezMerged scratch/mart/plasma-components into subtree...
2010-12-09 Pino Toscanomain() returns an int, not a boolean
2008-05-27 Laurent MontelUse INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS
2008-04-15 Malcolm HunterTypo fixes
2008-04-13 Albert Astals Cidown header first
2007-10-15 David FaureFix conflict with kdelibs3.
2007-10-01 Tobias KoenigMaking KFileItemList value based.
2007-08-03 Laurent MontelAdapt to new KWarning/kFatal/kDebug api
2007-07-30 Thiago MacieiraThis isn't necessary with kDebug or QDebug.
2007-07-10 Allen Winterremove kde4_automoc()
2007-07-07 Laurent MontelAdd file to extract i18n
2007-07-02 Chusslove IllichInterface modifications to KCmdLineArgs, KAboutData...
2007-07-01 Laurent MontelRemove not necessary link lib
2007-05-14 David Faureprepare for kio not bringing qt3support along
2007-05-13 Allen Winterclean lint
2007-04-12 Dirk Muellerinclude cleanup
2007-04-04 Jos van den Oeverreenable --dialog
2007-03-12 Jos van den OeverPort kfile to KFileMetaInfo
2007-03-12 Jos van den Oevermerge kdelibs-strigi: a new KFileMetaInfo implementation
2007-02-22 Dirk Muellersome more #include cleanup
2007-02-22 Dirk Muellerfix various issues with non-compiling headers
2007-01-14 Albert Astals Cidconst &-ification of foreach variables
2006-12-26 David FaureKProperties API cleanup (remove name, bool modal and...
2006-10-23 Laurent MontelApply Alex patch (now we can use enable-final argument
2006-10-13 Laurent MontelNecessary to change KDE4_AUTOMOC macro to support
2006-08-28 Stephan Kulowreplaced several URLs with Url and URI with Uri - the...
2006-07-04 Alexander Neundorf-support an additional optional basename parameter...
2006-07-02 Alexander Neundorf-remove the old makefile.am contents from the cmake...
2006-05-12 Alexander Neundorfkde4_header and kde4_footer() are gone now
2006-05-10 David Faure"a" -> 'a', patch by Christian Spiel <e9800675 stud4...
2006-05-10 Dirk MuellerRIP
2006-05-06 André Wöbbekinginstall executables with the install command instead...
2006-04-05 Alexander Neundorf-add the NOGUI keyword to the KDE4_ADD_EXECUTABLE_CALLS()
2006-03-24 David FaureAlways include kfile too, inside kio.
2006-03-24 David FaureUsing ${KDE4_INCLUDE_DIR} in kdelibs files is wrong...
2006-03-20 Alexander Neundorf-rename QT_AND_KDECORE_LIBS to KDE4_KDECORE_LIBS
2006-02-02 Gregory S. Hayess/kdDebug/kDebug
2006-01-18 Alexander Neundorf-use ${QT_INCLUDES} instead of ${QT_INCLUDE_DIR} everywhere
2006-01-17 Laurent MontelChange KURL to KUrl as requested by David (As that...
2006-01-15 Alexander Neundorfexperimental cmake files for building kdelibs using...
2006-01-03 David Faure-typedef Q3PtrList<KFileItem> KFileItemList;
2006-01-01 Laurent MontelQString::null -> QString()
2005-11-11 Benjamin MeyerPort KApp code, removing enableStyles stuff
2005-10-05 Dirk MuellerSVN_SILENT: fix typo
2005-09-24 Laurent Montelqt3_support--
2005-07-27 Stephan Kulowmerging kde4 branch into trunk - will have to double...
2005-07-04 Dirk Muellerupdate FSF address
2004-06-21 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT no punctuation in command line descriptions
2004-03-24 Andrew ColesCorrected typos.
2003-10-15 Malcolm HunterCVS_SILENT Typographical corrections and changes
2003-09-26 Carsten Pfeifferremove an added group if adding an entry to it failed
2003-09-26 Carsten Pfeiffereven better formatting
2003-09-26 Carsten Pfeiffer- setting new values works now
2003-09-26 Carsten Pfeifferfix some bugs, make it more usable, better readable...
2002-05-25 Stephan KulowCVS_SILENT using LIB_* variables again
2002-05-25 Stephan Kulowless $(LIB_*) variables for better dependencies.
2002-04-22 Carsten Pfeifferusing namespace std; thank to Pavel
2002-04-22 Carsten Pfeiffershort explanation
2002-04-22 Carsten Pfeiffercommandline frontend for KFileMetaInfo