Hook up the ResourceMerger and ResourceWatcher for new resource notifications
[plasma-active-clones:kde-runtime.git] / kdontchangethehostname /
2011-04-08 Sebastian TruegMerge Data management service into nepomuk/datamanagement
2011-02-10 Nicolás AlvarezMerged scratch/mart/plasma-components into subtree...
2010-07-08 Laurent MontelExtract messages
2010-03-26 Aaron J. Seigobuild file
2009-02-04 Christian Ehrlicherremove some useless QTextCodec includes (tested only...
2008-07-03 Tobias KoenigFixed some krazy issues
2008-06-29 Christian Ehrlicherebn fixes
2008-05-03 Christian Ehrlichergetenv() -> qgetenv()
2008-02-09 Albert Astals Cidmicrooptimization
2007-07-10 Chusslove IllichRename kdelibs message catalogs conflicting with KDE3...
2007-07-02 Chusslove IllichInterface modifications to KCmdLineArgs, KAboutData...
2007-05-02 Dirk Muellerinclude cleanup
2007-04-06 Dirk Muellerinclude cleanup
2007-02-22 Dirk Muellersome more #include cleanup
2007-01-29 Matthias Kretzmerge the kinstance-redesign branch back to trunk.
2007-01-08 David FaureMake findExe() able to find binaries installed in libex...
2006-09-22 Oswald Buddenhagensome easy KProcess/KProcIO/popen/system => QProcess...
2006-07-01 Simon Hausmann- re-apply Thiago's patch, now that qt-copy is up-to...
2006-06-30 Michael PyneRevert thiago's merge to kdelibs /trunk that broke...
2006-06-30 Thiago MacieiraPort to the new QtDBus API, including regeneration...
2006-06-05 Thiago MacieiraMake ktoolinvocation.h not depend directly on dbus...
2006-05-31 Thiago MacieiraSince no objections were raised in kde-core-devel,...
2006-05-10 David Faure"a" -> 'a', patch by Christian Spiel <e9800675 stud4...
2006-04-12 Benjamin Reeddon't bomb out on missing display
2006-03-29 Dirk Muellerdon't ever do host name lookups. we're only fixing...
2006-03-28 Dirk Muellerrevert the ugly XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME hack and instead fix
2006-02-15 Christian Ehrlicherforgot to remove DCOPClient::dcopServerFileOld() here
2006-02-15 Christian Ehrlicherremove deprecated function DCOPClient::dcopServerFileOld()
2006-02-06 Luboš LuňákOk, svnrevertlast once more.
2006-02-06 Luboš Luňáksvnrevertlast and rather don't reset the old hostname
2006-02-02 Dirk Muellerdon't change the xauth if $XAUTHLOCALHOSTNAME patches
2005-12-03 Nicolas GoutteSVN_SILENT: fix FSF address:
2005-10-11 David FaureNow it compiles without QT3_SUPPORT.
2005-09-24 Laurent Montelqt3_support--
2005-09-12 Stephan BinnerRemove some US English from API: KCatalogue->KCatalog
2005-07-27 Stephan Kulowmerging kde4 branch into trunk - will have to double...
2005-07-04 Dirk Muellerupdate FSF address
2004-09-10 Jarosław StaniekKDE_stat used
2004-07-11 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-05-09 Waldo BastianHandle hostname with colon
2004-02-06 Andy GoossensCVS_SILENT
2003-10-26 Stephan BinnerCVS_SILENT style guide fixes (part 1 of ?)
2003-10-13 Andy GoossensCVS_SILENT using KCmdLineLastOption
2003-01-12 Dirk Muellerdon't interpret format strings..
2002-12-05 Waldo Bastianquote arguments passed to system/popen