Added another note.
[piranha:mainline.git] / src / core / int_power_cache.h
2010-01-08 bluescarniAdded another note.
2010-01-08 bluescarniAdd NOTE in the source code.
2009-05-22 yardbirdFix a 'philosophical' issue with int power cache, style...
2009-05-08 Francesco BiscaniComplete the exception migration and move some files...
2009-04-02 Francesco BiscaniThe great max_fast_int purge.
2009-03-28 yardbirdMinor gltiches while reviewing the code.
2008-10-30 bluescarniclog: Add conjugate() and abs() methods for complex...
2008-09-13 bluescarniCommitted first version of cached substitution.
2008-09-12 bluescarniStart generalising int_power_cache by using functors...
2008-09-12 bluescarniMinor doc bit and style fix.
2008-08-11 bluescarniFirst version of Wigner rotation for spherical harmonics.
2008-08-10 bluescarniCouple of fixes.
2008-08-10 bluescarniSome minor polishing.
2008-08-10 bluescarniAdded integer power cache and minor cleanups.