last changeSun, 12 Dec 2010 15:33:46 +0000 (16:33 +0100)
2010-12-12 Francesco BiscaniTest commit from new computer. master
2010-07-21 Francesco BiscaniAdded method to adjust block boundaries.
2010-07-21 Francesco BiscaniSimplify a bit the logic of choosing the initial blocks.
2010-07-21 Francesco BiscaniMore minor style fixes.
2010-07-21 Francesco BiscaniStyle fix.
2010-07-21 bluescarniJust a temporary commit with no side-effects.
2010-07-20 bluescarniStart porting the hash functor to the new class hierarchy.
2010-07-20 bluescarniJust formatting.
2010-07-20 bluescarniSplit the new coded multiplier into base and derived...
2010-07-19 bluescarniRemove unused code.
2010-07-19 bluescarniMove iota into utils header.
2010-07-19 biscaniFix calculation of block size.
2010-07-19 bluescarniFirst iteration of the new vector multiplier. Tested...
2010-07-14 bluescarniChange multipliers interface to work on vectors, not...
2010-07-13 bluescarniAbstract the type in sparse test.
2010-07-10 bluescarniVery minor cleanup.
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