2010-05-01 bluescarniDropped pollution of std namespace.
2010-05-01 bluescarniDitched the toolbox system.
2010-04-25 bluescarniGet rid of useless helper function and finish grouping...
2010-04-25 bluescarniMini-review and fixes for memory.h
2010-04-12 bluescarniMake constructor from number a static factory-like...
2010-04-12 bluescarniMake ICC tiny bit happier.
2010-04-12 bluescarniMore method repositioning, doc, cleanup.
2010-04-12 bluescarniMinor Doxyfile changes.
2010-04-08 bluescarniOther doc bits.
2010-04-04 bluescarniDisable the -fno-strict aliasing flag for now, as it...
2010-04-04 bluescarniMove term erase methods into private.
2010-04-04 bluescarniMove insert function into protected.
2010-04-04 bluescarniMove base_series::find_term in protected space and...
2010-04-04 bluescarniCompile with -fno-strict-aliasing to shut off GCC warnings.
2010-04-03 bluescarniMove begin/end of base series in protected, remove...
2010-04-03 bluescarniReplaced our own fat iterator with boost::transform_ite...
2010-04-01 bluescarniMinor documenting.
2010-03-22 bluescarniRemove needless proliferation of evluation types.
2010-03-22 bluescarniMake ICC a tiny bit happier.
2010-03-22 bluescarniMinor doc addition.
2010-03-22 bluescarniMinor changes.
2010-03-22 bluescarniMinor doxy change.
2010-03-18 bluescarniMinor changes in the Doxyfile.
2010-03-18 bluescarniSlight change in the handling of echelon levels.
2010-03-03 bluescarniMinor cleanup. new_coded_hash
2010-03-03 bluescarniCleanup, minor bug fix and use std::vector as storage...
2010-03-02 bluescarniA couple of minor changes.
2010-01-27 bluescarniMerge branch 'master' into new_coded_hash
2010-01-27 bluescarniInitial implementation of new highly sparse multiplicat...
2010-01-27 bluescarniFix braindamage.
2010-01-27 bluescarniAdd method to shift codes.
2010-01-27 bluescarniRemoved non-const iterator and methods.
2010-01-25 bluescarniInitial tentative implementation of open addressing...
2010-01-25 bluescarniImprove the numerical check.
2010-01-25 bluescarniAdd numeric limits check.
2010-01-25 bluescarniFixed Fourier series test.
2010-01-22 bluescarniManual merge of new coded multiplier stuff.
2010-01-22 bluescarniRevert "Merge branch 'new_coded_mult'"
2010-01-22 bluescarniRevert "Merge branch 'new_coded_mult'"
2010-01-22 bluescarniMerge branch 'new_coded_mult'
2010-01-14 bluescarniAbstract block size calculation and avoid needless...
2010-01-13 bluescarniFix problem deriving from coding _before_ sorting series.
2010-01-13 bluescarniMinor modification.
2010-01-12 bluescarniRevert "Initial integration of the new coded multiplier."
2010-01-12 bluescarniInitial integration of the new coded multiplier.
2010-01-12 bluescarniRemove custom GMP allocator.
2010-01-12 bluescarniRename data members for consistency.
2010-01-12 bluescarniMake term pointers caching explicit in multipliers...
2010-01-12 bluescarniRemove verbose output.
2010-01-12 bluescarniRemove stale file.
2010-01-12 bluescarniMore pieces for the new coded multiplier.
2010-01-12 bluescarniImplement vh comparison and better handling of subtract...
2010-01-11 bluescarniPost-decode hook and cleanup.
2010-01-11 bluescarniMove array-like interface to public.
2010-01-10 bluescarniImprove and simplify coding tuple calculation.
2010-01-10 bluescarniMore bits, this time foundation for decoding.
2010-01-10 bluescarniMove vector-like interface into public.
2010-01-08 bluescarniAdd couple of static checks.
2010-01-08 bluescarniTry allocating _before_ deallocating in order to avoid...
2010-01-08 bluescarniBetter lexical cast usge and correct handling of ops...
2010-01-08 Francesco BiscaniMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:piranha/mainline
2010-01-08 Francesco BiscaniMore work on coded multiplier.
2010-01-08 bluescarniAdded another note.
2010-01-08 bluescarniAdd NOTE in the source code.
2010-01-04 Francesco BiscaniMore work on the new coded multiplier.
2010-01-03 Francesco BiscaniAdded file for coded multiplier metaprogramming.
2009-12-30 Francesco BiscaniAdded lcm operation to mp_integer and updated TODO...
2009-12-26 Francesco BiscaniMinor doxy change.
2009-12-25 Francesco BiscaniMinor doc fix.
2009-12-25 Francesco BiscaniFix error message for hyperF.
2009-12-25 Francesco BiscaniMinor improvement in Pyranha's series' __repr__().
2009-12-25 Francesco Biscaniis_exact becomes is_ring_exact and the additional is_di...
2009-12-25 Francesco BiscaniFix missing header.
2009-12-25 Francesco BiscaniImplement type-traits properly also for series and...
2009-12-25 Francesco BiscaniUpdated doxygen file.
2009-12-22 Francesco BiscaniFix bug in flatten().
2009-12-22 Francesco BiscaniImplement is_exact type trait.
2009-12-22 Francesco BiscaniAnother minor doc bit.
2009-12-22 Francesco BiscaniMinor notes.
2009-12-22 Francesco BiscaniFirst version of flatten method.
2009-12-07 bluescarniFix exposition of echelon_level in python.
2009-12-07 bluescarniGet rid of n_arguments_sets and introduced better,...
2009-12-07 bluescarniMinor cleanup.
2009-12-01 bluescarniMinor cleanups and notes for int_array.
2009-12-01 bluescarniMinor work on new coded multiplier.
2009-11-30 bluescarniAdded file for new series codification.
2009-11-22 bluescarniBoost quirks resolved.
2009-11-22 bluescarniUpdated to boost 1.41.0.
2009-11-20 bluescarniFinish removing accept() usage.
2009-11-20 bluescarniStart removing truncator::accept() usage.
2009-11-20 bluescarniMinor polish.
2009-11-20 bluescarniStyle fixes.
2009-11-20 bluescarniReplaced flags with std::bitset.
2009-11-20 bluescarniRevert "Replace flags in buckets with size member."
2009-11-17 bluescarniReplace flags in buckets with size member.
2009-11-17 bluescarniSimplified integer type selection, and use lexical...
2009-11-16 bluescarniMinor doc correction.
2009-11-11 bluescarniMinor changes for testing & debugging purposes.
2009-11-10 bluescarniRestored pearce benchmark in tests.
2009-11-10 bluescarniAdded TODO item.