last changeSat, 3 Dec 2011 23:04:03 +0000 (23:04 +0000)
2011-12-03 Louis Taylorchanged the key bindings slightly master
2011-09-03 Louis Tayloradded makefile and readme
2011-09-03 Louis Tayloradded some nice command line options and made the whole...
2011-08-31 Louis Tayloradded a bunch of docstrings
2011-08-29 Louis Taylor... variable speed now works.
2011-08-29 Louis Taylor... got history working with the main program
2011-08-28 Louis Taylor... added new message colour
2011-08-28 Louis Taylor... added messages. Made skipping line work better
2011-08-28 Louis Taylor... replaced i with self.i
2011-08-28 Louis Taylor... can now pause the reader
2011-08-28 Louis Taylor... fixed cup-hogging - lots of time.sleep() in while True...
2011-08-28 Louis Taylor... got the thread working
2011-08-27 Louis Tayloradded a threading class for handling keypress events
2011-08-27 Louis Taylora bit of a failed attempt at adding keystokes
2011-08-27 Louis Tayloradded incrementLineNumber to BookHistory
2011-08-27 Louis Taylorfixed reading json file
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