2010-07-02 ketmarmore LEEngine
2010-07-01 ketmarME version compiles, but still doesn't work
2010-06-08 ketmaradded i64->string function (fuckin' windoze!)
2010-06-08 ketmarremoved windoze 'Ld' in sprintf
2010-05-26 ketmar':...' symbols are self-evaluated
2010-05-25 ketmaradded COPYING file
2010-05-25 ketmaradded simple README file
2010-05-25 ketmarfixed a little bug in GSUB
2010-05-25 ketmaradded LRE-GSUB
2010-05-25 ketmarsource amalgamized
2010-05-25 ketmaradded LRE-GMATCH
2010-05-25 ketmaradded leRecursiveEval() to make various types of MAP...
2010-05-25 ketmaradded simple test for LRE
2010-05-25 ketmarfixes in LRE-MATCH
2010-05-25 ketmaradded regular expressions from Lua
2010-05-11 ketmarnew WHILE macro
2010-05-11 ketmareq? now works for chars too
2010-05-11 ketmaradded BIT-FIELD and ASH (shift)
2010-05-11 ketmarnumeric parser understands -inf.0, +inf.0, +nan.0
2010-05-10 ketmarinlined primitives applied ok
2010-05-10 ketmarfixed: invalid return type in CHAR-UPPER and CHAR-LOWER
2010-05-10 ketmaradded CHAR type (still untested)
2010-05-07 ketmarfixed bug in some operations with globals
2010-05-07 ketmaradded Mark Feeley's pretty printer to libraries
2010-05-07 ketmarchanged action of PRINT; added PRINT-ALL and WRITE-ALL
2010-05-07 ketmarnew macroexpander; new macroses for it; added IFNOT
2010-05-07 ketmaradded "Eliza" sample from PAIP
2010-05-07 ketmarfixed bug in READ-STRING
2010-05-07 ketmaradded "semiported" pattern matcher from PAIP
2010-05-07 ketmarfixed idiotic bug in assocs
2010-05-07 ketmarvarious printers moved to core
2010-05-07 ketmaradded my favorite sample
2010-05-07 ketmaradded STRING-EMPTY?, fixed STRING-REF
2010-05-07 ketmaradded "lcompare string" sample
2010-05-07 ketmarLOAD verbosity is optional
2010-05-07 ketmar'inliners' converted to simple functions
2010-05-07 ketmarmemory now allocating by segments
2010-05-07 ketmarfixed warnings in other compile modes
2010-05-07 ketmarsimple sorting library and sample
2010-05-07 ketmarbugfix: VECTOR->LIST, STRING->LIST
2010-05-06 ketmaradded string<->number conversion functions
2010-05-06 ketmaradded some funny samples and UNIX-TIME function
2010-05-06 ketmaradded bitwise operations
2010-05-06 ketmarempty BEGINS are allowed now
2010-05-06 ketmaradded prealpha of 'eval interruption'; see TODO for it
2010-05-06 ketmarfixed bug in vector allocator: it should drop 'out...
2010-05-06 ketmarfixed TODO
2010-05-06 ketmaradded CHAR-CODE-AT
2010-05-06 ketmarEXIT now understands an optional argument
2010-05-06 ketmaradded some funcions to operate with globals
2010-05-06 ketmaradded alot of port functions; UNTESTED!
2010-05-05 ketmarcase slightly rewritten; added some 'tests' for case...
2010-05-05 ketmarbrand new case, done with cond (so we can use => in...
2010-05-05 ketmarcond now understands =>
2010-05-05 ketmaradded 'char literals'; we seems to be faster than narsi now
2010-05-05 ketmaradded hashtable for symbols; now we are ~2 times faster
2010-05-05 ketmarprealloc cells if there are no free cells here
2010-05-05 ketmaradded license info
2010-05-04 ketmaradded alot of string primitives
2010-05-04 ketmarfixed bug in VECTOR-FILL!
2010-05-04 ketmaradded vector operations
2010-05-04 ketmarfixed bug in char functions
2010-05-04 ketmaradded char functions
2010-05-03 ketmarremoved unnecessary init files
2010-05-03 ketmarODD and EVEN?
2010-05-03 ketmarmore math
2010-05-03 ketmaradded alot of math functions
2010-05-03 ketmarnumber parser understands exponents; added some more...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded one predicate (leExecutableP)
2010-05-02 ketmaradded closure names; added primitive stack dump and...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded some explanation comments and some sample functions
2010-05-02 ketmaradded standard header phrase
2010-05-02 ketmarsome more samples
2010-05-02 ketmaradded commentet stack depth dump in evaluator
2010-05-02 ketmardynwind seems to work too
2010-05-02 ketmaradded READ (with optional 3rd arg: #t -- don't locase...
2010-05-02 ketmarbug in parsing floating numbers
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed idiotic bug in macroexpander (no nested macroexpa...
2010-05-02 ketmarnil->#f
2010-05-02 ketmarargc bug in copy-context; startup splitted to many...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded comment
2010-05-02 ketmardon't macro-expand (load ...) in loadfile
2010-05-02 ketmarremoved bug in loadfile
2010-05-02 ketmarmain driver now loads startup.scm
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in LOAD
2010-05-02 ketmarnumeruous fixes, quasiquote expander seems to work
2010-05-02 ketmarbugs in defines and *lambdas
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in DEFINE; added expanding for synax-macros
2010-05-02 ketmarmacroexpander and quasiquote expander
2010-05-02 ketmaradded DEFINE-SYNTAX-MACRO and SYNTAX-LAMBDA
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in LOAD
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in OR/AND (COND too?)
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed idiotic bug in eq? and equal?
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in SET-CxR!
2010-05-02 ketmarREVERSE[!], APPEND[!], LAST-PAIR, SET-CAR!, SET-CDR!
2010-05-02 ketmar1+, -1+, small fixes
2010-05-02 ketmaradded 'c continuation primitives' and LOAD
2010-05-02 ketmarfor primitives with only one arg evaluator will pass...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded DEFINE-MACRO
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed another bug in reader