more LEEngine
[picoscheme:picoscheme.git] / src / leng / leng.h
2010-07-02 ketmarmore LEEngine
2010-07-01 ketmarME version compiles, but still doesn't work
2010-05-25 ketmaradded leRecursiveEval() to make various types of MAP...
2010-05-25 ketmaradded regular expressions from Lua
2010-05-11 ketmarnumeric parser understands -inf.0, +inf.0, +nan.0
2010-05-10 ketmaradded CHAR type (still untested)
2010-05-07 ketmarfixed bug in some operations with globals
2010-05-07 ketmarfixed bug in READ-STRING
2010-05-07 ketmar'inliners' converted to simple functions
2010-05-07 ketmarmemory now allocating by segments
2010-05-06 ketmaradded string<->number conversion functions
2010-05-06 ketmaradded prealpha of 'eval interruption'; see TODO for it
2010-05-06 ketmaradded alot of port functions; UNTESTED!
2010-05-05 ketmaradded hashtable for symbols; now we are ~2 times faster
2010-05-05 ketmaradded license info
2010-05-04 ketmaradded vector operations
2010-05-04 ketmaradded char functions
2010-05-03 ketmarmore math
2010-05-03 ketmarnumber parser understands exponents; added some more...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded one predicate (leExecutableP)
2010-05-02 ketmaradded closure names; added primitive stack dump and...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded some explanation comments and some sample functions
2010-05-02 ketmaradded standard header phrase
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in DEFINE; added expanding for synax-macros
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed bug in OR/AND (COND too?)
2010-05-02 ketmaradded 'c continuation primitives' and LOAD
2010-05-02 ketmarfor primitives with only one arg evaluator will pass...
2010-05-02 ketmaradded some more environment functions
2010-05-02 ketmarmoved argc check to evaluator
2010-05-02 ketmarfixed idiotic bug with closure application
2010-05-01 ketmarfixed bug in SET!; added (probably non-working) TRANSFER
2010-05-01 ketmarports now have methods to read/write chars
2010-05-01 ketmaradded 'eval' and 'apply' (seems to work, but i'm not...
2010-05-01 ketmarreader now understand autoquoted vectors: #( ... )
2010-05-01 ketmarbyte-vectors removed
2010-05-01 ketmaradded basic math and comparisons
2010-05-01 ketmarinitial commit with everything in place, but not tested