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2011-01-06 Eike HeinReplace repo contents with README about the move to... master
2010-08-23 Tanguy KrotoffFix -input parameter for old MPlayer versions
2010-08-23 Tanguy KrotoffImprove logging system
2010-06-30 Tanguy KrotoffUpdate diagram .png file
2010-06-30 Tanguy KrotoffAdd a diagram explaining how subtitles work inside...
2010-06-26 Tanguy KrotoffSkip MPlayer messages "No bind found for key [...]"
2010-06-25 Tanguy KrotoffPrevents MPlayer from messing up our shortcuts
2010-06-25 Tanguy KrotoffRemove some old code + rx_subtitle_loading_error
2010-04-27 Patrick von... fixed missing macro
2010-04-27 Patrick von... added some missing variable declarations to cmake,...
2010-03-14 Tanguy KrotoffUpdate README file
2010-03-14 Tanguy KrotoffFix CMakeLists.txt
2010-03-14 Tanguy KrotoffMove CMakeLists.txt to the root directory + build scripts
2010-03-14 Tanguy KrotoffImprove documentation + add fixes from KDE playground...
2010-03-14 Tanguy KrotoffRename phonon-mplayer to mplayer directory
2010-03-02 tkrotoffUpdate some comments (fix Doxygen warnings)
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