last changeSat, 30 Oct 2010 15:06:20 +0000 (17:06 +0200)
2010-10-30 Rémi Denis... Fix .gitignore master
2010-10-30 Rémi Denis... Disable usage of Xlib
2010-10-30 Rémi Denis... Do not set any VLC interface
2010-10-30 Rémi Denis... Do not pass --ignore-config
2010-10-18 Patrick von... fixed typo which prevented compilation on windows
2010-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Improvement for streams input in PhononVLC
2010-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... CMake: correctly flag and compile if no experimental...
2010-10-17 Arno RehnFix initial i_total_time value, so that aboutToFinish...
2010-10-17 Arno RehnImprove metadata for 'nowplaying' streams
2010-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Do not crash when removing nodes
2010-10-17 Jean-Baptiste... Avoid a crash if the vlcinstance wasn't created yet.
2010-10-12 Harald SitterTry to emit aboutToFinish() before finish(), to make...
2010-10-12 Harald SitterIntroducing emitAboutToFinish to make emission of about...
2010-10-12 Harald SitterEmit signals before changing states.
2010-10-12 Harald SitterWidgetNoPaintEvent -> OverlayWidget
2010-10-12 Harald SitterReimplement QWidget::paintEvent as protected, rather...
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