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last changeMon, 5 May 2008 13:11:43 +0000 (17:11 +0400)
2008-05-05 Roman SnitkoRefactoring lib/static_site, creating spec for it master
2008-05-04 Roman SnitkoRefactoring static_site code, moving it to lib to ease...
2008-04-27 Roman SnitkoChanges made on lesson 27.04.2008
2008-04-26 Roman SnitkoAdding static site generator
2008-04-26 Roman SnitkoRefactoring a few things
2008-04-26 Roman SnitkoAdding static site generator
2008-04-25 Roman SnitkoAdding script for posting comments
2008-04-24 Roman SnitkoAdding tests for EchoServer
2008-04-24 Roman SnitkoMoving EchoServer to a separate file, while EventMachin...
2008-04-24 Roman SnitkoRemoving unnecessary file
2008-04-20 Roman SnitkoRemoving cache files created in the wrong dir
2008-04-20 Roman SnitkoChanges made at lesson on 19.04.2008
2008-04-18 Roman SnitkoAdding comment
2008-04-18 Roman SnitkoAdding comments_post with no actual net/http requests yet
2008-04-18 Roman SnitkoDeleting 'cache' folder from version control
2008-04-18 Roman SnitkoAdding restful_auth plugin
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