Many changes
[perl-ctypes:shlomifs-perl-ctypes.git] / lib /
2010-08-16 Ryan JendoubiMany changes
2010-08-15 Ryan JendoubiMore tightening and tests for Structs
2010-08-14 Ryan JendoubiMore work Struct interface
2010-08-13 Ryan JendoubiCompleted update of data ownership chaining
2010-08-10 Ryan JendoubiPointer objects
2010-08-09 Ryan JendoubiSubstanitally simplified Types, a la Arrays
2010-08-07 Ryan JendoubiFirst crack at Array objects
2010-08-06 Ryan JendoubiMake all attrs unsettable apart from allow_overflo
2010-08-06 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'types_obj'
2010-08-06 Ryan JendoubiTest fix: change checking access for Type attrs
2010-08-05 Ryan JendoubiWe can haz Types.
2010-08-05 Ryan JendoubiTypes parameterised, allllmost finished
2010-08-03 Ryan JendoubiAdd tests for ->typecode and ->_data accessors
2010-08-03 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'callbacks'
2010-07-28 Ryan JendoubiFinish ConvArg, rename things
2010-07-27 Ryan JendoubiSubstantial restructure of C code, add Licenses
2010-07-13 Ryan JendoubiFixed win32 func-access.t to match Function::new
2010-07-02 Ryan JendoubiReally fixed _make_callback now
2010-07-01 Ryan JendoubiMore callbacks work
2010-06-29 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-28 Reini UrbanMerge types and prototypes API.
2010-06-24 Reini Urbanmore DLL docs
2010-06-24 Reini UrbanMore reading of python ctypes:
2010-06-24 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-24 Ryan JendoubiFinished adding rurban's logic to Function::new
2010-06-22 Reini UrbanMerge branch 'master' of
2010-06-22 Reini UrbanRename base class Ctypes::Library to Ctypes:DLL which...
2010-06-22 Ryan JendoubiMerge, and simplified abi_default
2010-06-22 Reini UrbanMake function decl and calls via libraries work
2010-06-22 Reini UrbanFixed the default _abi for libraries
2010-06-21 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'abi_default'
2010-06-21 Ryan JendoubiMerge 'abi_default' work
2010-06-21 Reini Urbanmerge conflicts
2010-06-21 Reini UrbanSpecify function declarations via AUTOLOAD vs calls...
2010-06-21 Reini UrbanMake the calling chain via AUTOLOAD work
2010-06-21 Reini Urbanrename Ctypes::find_library to Ctypes::load_library
2010-06-21 Reini Urbanmerge master
2010-06-21 Ryan JendoubiUpdate master & merge doubi's
2010-06-20 Ryan JendoubiCommit before incorporating rurban's patches
2010-06-20 Reini Urbanfix perms
2010-06-20 Reini Urbanfind_library: resolve possible ld script
2010-06-20 Reini UrbanMerge branch 'master' of git://
2010-06-20 Reini UrbanFix and extend Ctypes::Function,
2010-06-20 Reini Urbancleanup file permissions from windows, add use Carp
2010-06-17 Ryan JendoubiCreated some Perl-side type checking for numeric args
2010-06-14 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'new' - patches from rurban
2010-06-14 Ryan JendoubiSomething else
2010-06-13 Reini Urbanfix perms
2010-06-13 Reini Urbanproper ffi_arg rvalue
2010-06-12 Ryan JendoubiChanged use verison 5.10.1 -> 5.10
2010-06-08 Ryan JendoubiMaking 001-math.t work on MSWin32.
2010-06-08 Ryan JendoubiThink this might have been caused by line ending changes
2010-06-08 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'linux'
2010-06-08 Ryan JendoubiMerge into linux
2010-06-08 Ryan JendoubiCommit because of line changes?
2010-06-08 Ryan JendoubiChanges from a straight cp -r from Linux
2010-06-08 doubiInitial commit (from Ubuntu 10.4)
2010-06-08 doubiIncorporated rurban's Ctypes.xs