Handle numeric casting of utf8 chars
[perl-ctypes:shlomifs-perl-ctypes.git] / t / types.t
2010-08-06 Ryan JendoubiHandle numeric casting of utf8 chars
2010-08-06 Ryan JendoubiMerge branch 'types_obj'
2010-08-06 Ryan JendoubiMake _cast for 'c' and 'C' more robust
2010-08-05 Ryan JendoubiTypes parameterised, allllmost finished
2010-08-03 Ryan JendoubiAdd tests for ->typecode and ->_data accessors
2010-08-03 Ryan JendoubiFixed $typeobj++ and --, plus tests
2010-08-03 Ryan Jendoubi$typeobj->val works as lvalue, updated tests
2010-08-01 Ryan Jendoubiargtypes allow objs, no longer convert->typecodes
2010-07-25 Ryan JendoubiAbout 1/2 way through Py style calling
2010-07-24 Ryan JendoubiCall c_int::new without initializer
2010-07-23 Ryan JendoubiCleaning up leftover old code in _cast_value
2010-07-23 Ryan JendoubiClean up, use std C macros for type range checks
2010-07-22 Ryan JendoubiRemoved extraneous tie'ing of $self->{val}
2010-07-21 Ryan JendoubiSubtest for setting new val, fixed $DEBUG value
2010-07-19 Ryan JendoubiMade ->(num) work for changing value of Type obj
2010-07-18 Ryan JendoubiCleaned up this example, but...
2010-07-18 Ryan JendoubiWas using tie wrongly
2010-07-18 Ryan JendoubiFirst (failed) attempt at type objects